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Project genesis proposal google form

Google Forms

Thanks for filling out Project Genesis – Criteria Ci

Here’s what we got from you:

Project Genesis – Criteria Ci

Make sure you answer these questions in depth! Submit this form and copy and paste your answers into your blog post.
Your email address (humphreylee2023@cdnis.edu.hk) was recorded when you submitted this form.
What is the goal for your assignment and why? *
My goal for this assessment is to learn to create an edm track using the digital music program garage band to compose and create tracks using different instruments to make something of the music genre edm. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my own music and understand the process of how its created and make something that I can be proud of but I never have had the opportunity to do so as I dont have much time and If i started i never finished it.
Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal. *
1. Get inspiration of research I will research and look at some edm tracks to understand what edm is and how some of it is created. I will find some tracks that I find really cool and interesting and hopefully it will inspire me 2. creating edm beat I will use garage band ti start creating a beat that runs smoothly along the idea of the melody I have in my mind as well as it being edm like as well as the beat and backing track in order to match the rest of the track. 3. Create lead melody Following the edm beat, I will compose a melody that will help bring the edm music alive and will be like most other edm songs which are spunky and loud. This lead melody will hopefully get to my audience to understand what this track is and bring music to others. u could probably change it a little to fit the unit idk 4. Creating the rest of the song (background sounds) When creating this I can use the instruments on garage band and these different sections mostly include anything besides the melody and the beat from background music to faded sounds or chimes. This will enhance the edm track making it sound more bold and more effective in the area of edm music
What criteria will you use to self assess this assignment? *
I hope that my edm track on garage band will be at least two minutes so it can give the viewers everything that they need from an edm song and within that there will be drums that will be acquired from the drummer on garage band, the backing track using instruments on garage band and synths and finally, the melody which will be mainly bolder instruments on garage band.
I should also be able to show my artistic intention through this piece by achieving my goals for this project as well as the track itself and making sure the track is on time and has all the different tracks and I will learn how to make them efficiently to be edm like.

Blues Changes in F final

Blues Changes in F 

Process and changes:

I tried to stick mostly to triads to match the chords accompaniment and mostly corrected the notation mistakes since I thought the melody sounded good and didn’t want to change it too much so I stuck to the draft most of the time.  I changed the melody so it didn’t sound as jumpy with as many chord jumps. I used the different patterns on the Digital Patterns leading into the blues document to help me.


December Response

Responding – December ’19

Scale Warmups/Theory Test/Start of Year
Your email address (humphreylee2023@cdnis.edu.hk) was recorded when you submitted this form.

Name *
Humphrey Lee

Discuss your practice routines and development on your instrument. *
I practise my flute an hour everyday, practising long notes first, then moving to scales, such as C, C#/Db, D, D#/Eb, E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A, A#/Bb, and B. then practise exercises and finally to my music for my AT tests which i play part by part and replay the wrong parts over and over, then finally all the songs for my different orchestras. Overall, I think i improved a lot from last year since I won first prize in the school’s music festival this year and when I switched to this school, found the music comfortably easy to play. Also I learnt to play new notes such as the high C#,D and E which are above the high G. I look forward to improving my music skills further.

How successful were you at your theory test? Discuss the concepts that you did not master. *
I was overall pretty successful since i improved from the first time of 4 marks to a 7/8 and i’d say that’s quite an improvement! The points that i lost are because of careless mistakes and I’d say im pretty alright at theory.

What are your strategies to improve results in the subsequent months? *
My strategies to improve my results in the subsequent months are to study harder and practise more. If my memory serves me well and there is another theory test, I will study way more than i first time i did the first time i did the theory test. Also, i’ll try to make more time to play my instrument. Also i’m planning to join the symphonic winds so i will have more time to practise my flute.
How do you show the IB Learner Profile in the music class? *
In music, I am knowledgeable in playing and theory, balanced in both theory and playing, open-minded since I can take constructive comments and principled since I’m honest and I can show integrity, I’m also caring towards my teacher and my students since I care about people’s wellbeing and can help my section with some playing. I could be a risk-taker if i ask for more solos, an inquirer if i ask more questions in class, also i can be more reflective if i pay attention to the mistakes that i make.