Ignite Talk Reflection

Last month, we made a speech to address global issues all over the world and their affects on humans, animals, and the landscape. I made my speech about climate change, it’s effects on the Earth, and how we can help to stop climate change to stop before the effects become irreversible. First, we developed our speech and then edited it and revised it. My mom helped a lot with the editing. A week later we had to prepare our speech. I think my speech worked really well at showing the effects of climate change and its dangers, although because I knew my speech from the top of my head I ended up talking robotic. This was a good experience for me to try to express my opinion and learning about my strengths and weaknesses when saying speeches. I already have done a speech that was 3 minutes long instead of two minutes last year in my old school so I had good experience.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uS3yKGnPl22FW6TflQ1GXAJtHWACX1pI/view?usp=sharingg

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