Blues Music Recording 6C

In performing arts we studied the blues which is a style of music that tells stories through its lyrics and notes. Anyways we wrote our own lyrics and practiced making a song. I think the recording was not good because the lyrics were sung out of tune and so were the beats played out of tune. A lot of things could have went better if the team worked together better. If I could change something about the song I would’ve made everyone sing the lyrics instead of just me. In my opinion, none of the ATL skills were put into action. The steps we took to make the song was to make the lyrics first, and then start practicing with our instruments to perfect the song. The most challenging part was getting our act together. A creative choice that the group took that I liked was making a song about video games. The story we told was about a kid wanting to play video games but he got his video games taken away and then he went to play video games at his friend’s house. Overall, I think I enjoyed this project but my group forced me to sing at the last minute and that really made me dislike this project more than I wanted to.

This is the link for the folder of all the music recordings. Listen to the one with Dylan, Austin, Graydon, Ryan, and Brayden in the name.

This is the worksheet

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