Ignite Talk Reflection

Last month, we made a speech to address global issues all over the world and their affects on humans, animals, and the landscape. I made my speech about climate change, it’s effects on the Earth, and how we can help to stop climate change to stop before the effects become irreversible. First, we developed our speech and then edited it and revised it. My mom helped a lot with the editing. A week later we had to prepare our speech. I think my speech worked really well at showing the effects of climate change and its dangers, although because I knew my speech from the top of my head I ended up talking robotic. This was a good experience for me to try to express my opinion and learning about my strengths and weaknesses when saying speeches. I already have done a speech that was 3 minutes long instead of two minutes last year in my old school so I had good experience.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uS3yKGnPl22FW6TflQ1GXAJtHWACX1pI/view?usp=sharingg

Summary of the Year

Overall, this year was pretty normal. I made some good friends, learned new things and did lots of fun things. We did a lot of math and UOI. My favourite subject was PE because we did activities like dodgeball which I enjoy playing. I think this first year was a good start to my time at school.

Art Reflection

I made my art showcase about video games, movies, and tv shows that I like. We had 4 weeks to complete it but I didn’t worry about it until the last two weeks because I had to work on other things like home learning and my PYPX poster. That is why my work ended up being rushed. There was also supposed to be a guide to what we had to do, but I didn’t get it so I didn’t know what to do.(The picture below is my friend’s art showcase and not mine)

Blues Music Recording 6C

In performing arts we studied the blues which is a style of music that tells stories through its lyrics and notes. Anyways we wrote our own lyrics and practiced making a song. I think the recording was not good because the lyrics were sung out of tune and so were the beats played out of tune. A lot of things could have went better if the team worked together better. If I could change something about the song I would’ve made everyone sing the lyrics instead of just me. In my opinion, none of the ATL skills were put into action. The steps we took to make the song was to make the lyrics first, and then start practicing with our instruments to perfect the song. The most challenging part was getting our act together. A creative choice that the group took that I liked was making a song about video games. The story we told was about a kid wanting to play video games but he got his video games taken away and then he went to play video games at his friend’s house. Overall, I think I enjoyed this project but my group forced me to sing at the last minute and that really made me dislike this project more than I wanted to.




This is the link for the folder of all the music recordings. Listen to the one with Dylan, Austin, Graydon, Ryan, and Brayden in the name.

This is the worksheet


Science Experiment

First Blog – Science Experiment

Me and my friends were doing a science experiment for an assignment and we decided to test the density of liquids.

First we put honey and it stayed at the bottom creating the bottom layer. Next we poured in vegetable oil at it stayed in the middle. Finally we put in the blue food colouring and water in and it stayed at the top.