Project Genesis Crit C Proposal

What is the goal for your assignment and why? 
My goal for this assignment is to create a mashup of a few of my favourite songs. I want to do this because I would like to create a unique sound with the beats and the variation of all the different music put into one whole song. I have never created a mashup before and I always see people making them on sound cloud so I would like to give it a try as well. I feel like this is a good opportunity to get creative and so I can listen to the songs I enjoy in a cooler way.
Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal.
1. Research on how to make mashups and how to make songs go well together. Go on youtube and watch tutorials and use all the sources provided.
2. Find at least 4 songs that go well together.
3. Download the songs and the instrumental/acapella versions and convert into mp3.
4. Upload to garageband, experiment with it, and find the order I want the songs to go in.
5. Change the bpm and tempo so it flows better.
6. Cut and trim the sounds and cut out swearing(if there is any).
7. Add transitions to make it sound better and do some overlapping.
8. Review the rubrics and whether or not the sound I created fulfills the requirements
9. Get some feedback from my peers.
10. Make some changes according to their feedback if it is helpful to me.
11. Submit the song to my IFolio blog and reflect on the final product.
What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product?
1. No swearing. I will cut it out if there is any.
2.  Between 2-4 minutes long so the song is interesting but not too long so it doesnt get boring to listen to.
3. The songs flow well together.
4. Includes at least 4 or more songs.
5. Use garageband skills I have learned to make it sound more interesting and unique.

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