Project Genesis Final Mashup And Reflection

Step by step process of this assignment
1. I went on youtube to find mashups and did research online about how to successfully select songs for a mashup.
2. After acquiring some knowledge on mashups and how to choose songs that go well together, I used the Camelot wheel and considered the different tempos to pick out 4 songs that had compatible keys and similar tempos.
3. I downloaded the instrumental and acapella of the main song I wanted to have playing throughout the mashup and 3 different acapella tracks of my other songs.
4. I followed Mr. O’Toole’s video on how to match the tempos and managed to get all of my tracks in time.
5. I experimented with the order and the arrangement of my songs.
6. I trimmed the sounds and changed the volumes of my tracks so my main track wasn’t too overpowering.
7. I added a drum track in some parts of the song to make it sound unique.
8. I reviewed the rubrics and my self assessing criteria to make sure I did my best work.
9. I asked my peers on their opinions of my song.
10. I did not end up changing anything because they did not give much helpful feedback.
11. I saved my mashup, uploaded it to my iFolio, and wrote the reflection.
Success against assessable criteria from proposal
Overall, I met the criteria from my proposal. First, I stated that there had to be no swearing and that I would cut it out if there is any. I met that criteria fully because I ended up choosing most songs without any swearing or used parts of the song without the swearing because I wanted to stay safe and not risk anything. I also said that the mashup had to be between 2-4 minutes long so the song is interesting but not too long so it doesn’t get boring to listen to. I met this criteria because had my mashup at around 3 minutes. Next, I stated that the songs had to flow well together. Overall, I mostly met this criteria because all of my songs were in time and had compatible keys, which resulted in it flowing well because timing issues were not obstructing the flow. I also said that my mashup had to include at least 4 or more songs. I did meet this criteria overall and included 4 songs in my mashup that all have similar tempos and compatible keys. The last criteria was to use garageband skills I have learned to make it sound more interesting and unique. In my project I fulfilled this requirement. An example was when I used the drum kit in my mashup to add a beat to the areas in the mashup that sounded a bit boring.

Learning and new skills acquired
During this project, I learned what a Camelot wheel is and used it to identify songs that have compatible keys. I ended up selecting two songs in B Minor, one song in F# Minor, and one song in a Major key to add contrast. I also experimented with tempos and was considerate while doing the selection of my songs and picked songs that felt like they had similar speeds. I also learned how to match tempos in garageband by clicking enable flex and it was an overall good experience because I practiced my skills by listening to the tracks over and over again until it was the correct tempo.
What challenges did you face and overcome
Originally, I had selected 4 songs by the same artist that had similar styles. However, one of the songs did not have similar tempos or keys and like the rest of them so I had to change it because it sounded terrible. I ended up struggling with this a lot but eventually had to select another song by a different artist that went in time and was more compatible key-wise with the other songs. I did this to meet my personal criteria of 4 songs I stated in my proposal. However, this song did not sound THE BEST in my mashup because it was by a different artist that had a different style of music than the artist that had written the 3 other songs in my mashup. Therefore, when the song came in it sounded kind of sudden. However, it added some uniqueness to my project overall.

Project Genesis Research


It is crucial that the mashup is in time so it flows well and prevents it sound choppy(which is one of my criteria). This video explains how to adjust tempos of different songs to match the beat and what speeding up tempos on garageband looks like. I will use this technique in the process of putting together my mashup.


I stated as one of my criteria that if my songs happen to contain explicit lyrics that I would cut it out. It is also important that the mashup is school appropriate. This video clearly states how to effectively cut out a swear word completely and even replace it with an adjustable sound to make it sound more natural. It does not result in the tempo getting messed up or anything, so I know this is a good source.


This link teaches me how to make a mashup and has very similar steps to what I had outlined. It gave some helpful advice about how it is important to find songs that have compatible keys and what I can do to ensure that. It went more in depth with how to sync the tempos which is important for achieving my criteria.


This is a HipHop mashup made by someone on youtube. The songs don’t go the absolute best together but overall it flows well, there is some nice overlapping and many different songs included which makes the mashup sound more interesting. It is also very short so even though mine will have to be a bit longer, it is a good example on how to keep things interesting throughout the whole song. This person also managed to cut out the swear words in the song and make it sound really natural, which is something I would like to achieve. It is good inspiration for me because my criteria states that there has to be no swearing, at least 4 songs, and the songs need to flow well. This video has all of that.

Project Genesis Crit C Proposal

What is the goal for your assignment and why? 
My goal for this assignment is to create a mashup of a few of my favourite songs. I want to do this because I would like to create a unique sound with the beats and the variation of all the different music put into one whole song. I have never created a mashup before and I always see people making them on sound cloud so I would like to give it a try as well. I feel like this is a good opportunity to get creative and so I can listen to the songs I enjoy in a cooler way.
Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal.
1. Research on how to make mashups and how to make songs go well together. Go on youtube and watch tutorials and use all the sources provided.
2. Find at least 4 songs that go well together.
3. Download the songs and the instrumental/acapella versions and convert into mp3.
4. Upload to garageband, experiment with it, and find the order I want the songs to go in.
5. Change the bpm and tempo so it flows better.
6. Cut and trim the sounds and cut out swearing(if there is any).
7. Add transitions to make it sound better and do some overlapping.
8. Review the rubrics and whether or not the sound I created fulfills the requirements
9. Get some feedback from my peers.
10. Make some changes according to their feedback if it is helpful to me.
11. Submit the song to my IFolio blog and reflect on the final product.
What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product?
1. No swearing. I will cut it out if there is any.
2.  Between 2-4 minutes long so the song is interesting but not too long so it doesnt get boring to listen to.
3. The songs flow well together.
4. Includes at least 4 or more songs.
5. Use garageband skills I have learned to make it sound more interesting and unique.