Project Genesis Mashup

Explain the step by step process of this assignment… *
The requirements of this assignment were to create a musical presentation. The idea behind this unit was to prepare us for the combined Fine Arts unit at the end of the year. So, at the end of September when this assessment I had a few ideas on what I wanted to make for this final assessment but in the end, I decided to make a mashup. In the beginning, I was in a dilemma on which songs I would mashup, I was planning to do something special and add multiple two-song mashups that I made off similar genres and lyric to make it seem like one song. Then, I would add the short mini mashups into my final product. I then did lots of research on how to get the timing, transitions, buildups and beat drops perfect for my mashups. I found plenty of info to work with so I started by finding a tune that I would keep mostly consistent through the mashup, the song was invisible by Julius Dreisig & Zeus X Crona which was an EDM that was pretty neat. Then it was time to make the main mashup which wasn’t too hard, all I did was get some other EDMish songs that I knew(chainsmokers, crab rave and C418 songs) to mash. I also wanted to add some rap into the mashup so I went with Eminem. Finally the two-song mashups, I got mostly rap(Swae Lee, Eminem) and EDM to go together to in a way suit the mood of the mashup. I also had to make good transitions which was sort of tough but I will elaborate on that later. Just like that, I had created a project that I was proud of.


Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal… *
I think I did mostly what I expect of myself which is great in my opinion. I said that my goal was to successfully make a mashup of at least 4 songs of any genre I desire, the mashup must have the right timing. I also aimed to get a 7 or 8. From this, I did successfully make a mashup of at least 4 songs of any genre I wanted. The mashup had some timing faults but there wasn’t I could do in the span of a month about the small timing issues, but I tried my best and the end result was satisfying. I also met the outline to achieve my goal which was to first find songs that worked together. After that, I needed to edit the songs so that the beats match and there was not too much commotion going on at the same time, which I think I did successfully with 90% of the mashup. If the timing was correct, the tunes and lyrics were compatible, the mashup was at least 2 minutes long, it was a mashup of at least 4 songs, the timing was in line with the beats and to the other tunes. Then I would say I did a good job from my assessable criteria.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
I have learnt many new things from this project but not enough so I will include some things from this unit that I learned. I wanted to make a mashup because I believed it could teach me some very useful facts about timing and finding the right tunes and beats that are the most compatible with one another which it did. Making a mashup is also not the easiest thing to do because timing is key and I’ll admit my timing isn’t the best. So I chose this topic because I think it will be fun and a challenge.


What challenges did you face and overcome. *

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