Culminating Assignment

Describe the process of this assignment.

This assignment had a requirement of us students to record 4 or more CDNIS sounds (1 teacher vocal), 1 drum track, 4 or more loops (separate tracks), the sounds edited using plugins, 2 or more original melodic software instruments and the song had to be at least 2 minutes minimum but 3 minutes maximum. The first thing we had to do was to record a few sounds around the school. I was sort of dumbfounded because I had no ideas so I started brainstorming of a few common sentences some of my teachers said all the time, the first thing that came to my mind was Madam Perrault saying Oui Oui Baguette so that’s what I recorded. Then I got another sentence of her saying “money is strength” because I wanted to change the syllables of the sentence into “Test your strength”. After that, I needed a simple beat so I used my knuckles against the sink to do so. Finally, I used the sounds of some kids in the canteen as a starting tune and a raspy sound to my song more elaboration on that sound later. Then I started getting creative, originally I wanted to make a song that sounded like a video game theme song then I realised that it wasn’t fun or a great idea to make a theme song so I decided to make something that included a few genres in one song to make it special and the song to suit different people’s taste in music. Or at least that is what I tried to do.

Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.

The sounds I used were mostly all very useful for my end project because for some strange reason I was able to piece them all together and it didn’t sound half bad so I continued with the flow and created the song. The exceptional sound that I found wasn’t very viable in the process of the creation was the sound of the kids because not only did the sound not suit the genre was trying to make, it was also incredibly hard to listen to because there was no sound that stood out enough for me to notice it so I trashed the sound because I thought it had no use to my song. Now the useful ones were the sounds from Madam Perrault. Firstly the Oui Oui Bagettue made a cool entry in the middle of the song which allowed me to kind of alert the listeners that the song was in the middle and heading to the climax which was very useful. The other sound “money is strength” that I changed to “test your strength” was a sound that created a sort of mysterious feel to the song.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.

After this unit of learning about different things in Garageband, overall, I think my music skills have improved. From making beats to learning how to mix loops to make the optimal sounds. noise gates, distortion and frequencies were the most important plug-ins that learnt to use each for a specific reason. Firstly, I use noise gates all the time when making songs in Garageband because I don’t want any sounds to be heard throughout the whole because then it would just get rather annoying and make the listener not want to hear the song again. Secondly, distortion really helped me make songs more interesting and not so dull. With distortion, I am able to make fuzzy noises that I like to add to anything because it makes the songs have more feel and excitement even without an exciter which¬† I don’t commonly use. In my opinion, adding the right amount of distortion to any tune that is not either classical music or any other type of pure sounds and they will work together. Finally, frequencies are what make up a song. Frequency can be divided into many groups, however, I usually prefer to use less high frequencies because if the frequencies are too high, they hurt your ears. I think I have learnt a lot.

What challenges did you face and overcome?

There were definitely challenges I had to face when doing my project. About what I said earlier about me using the sounds of some kids in the canteen as a starting tune and a raspy sound to my song, the sound didn’t really work out and it was quite unnecessary. The sound really hinders the whole mood of the song and I knew adding it wouldn’t provide any beneficial sense to my song in any way. So after I removed the sound I was, you could say, in a pickle because I had no recorded sounds other than that and I was stuck with nothing to work on during the weekends. Or that’s what I thought. It was after school until an idea struck me to use the one teacher closest to me’s voice: Madam Perrault, she gladly agreed to say what sounds I needed and I had something to work on. That wasn’t the only challenge, I also had problems finding the best sounds. In the beginning, I wanted Madame Perrault’s Oui to repeat quickly to make a beat, I did that and I was working so I distorted the sound but it wasn’t the most soothing sound, in fact, it kind of sounded like an old horn. I tried to change it over and over but it wouldn’t sound any better so all I could do was either delete it and rerecord a sound or let Mr. O’toole be the judge and thankfully he liked it. Those were my only problems resolved.

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