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PA Blues Reflection

Last week, we did a blues unit and we grouped up and each group wrote our own song, and we played our own instruments. Here is my reflection that I did in my Literacy Book.

Blues Bass Line –

⤇Xylophone 7/10

⤇Ukulele 8/10


Blues Lyrics Sung

⤇Nicole 8/10

⤇Samara 9/10

I gave Nicole a bit less because I couldn’t really hear her, but I could hear her singing.



⤇Matian 7/10


What went well? Why?

I think that our group was really in sync because our beginning and ending were really good and in time, and the xylophones and ukes were both heard, instead of one drowning out the other.

What could have been better? Why?

I think that we could have sung a bit better because we agreed that we would all be singing because you could really hear Nicole and Samara singing.

If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?

I would have had all of us sing, or at least try to. I could see myself mouthing some of the words, but I was not actually singing out loud. I think that if we all had a bit more time to practice, then we all would have been way better, but we were not that bad.



Overall, I really enjoyed this unit, and I think that it was a really good learning experience for the whole class and the whole grade.



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