Summary of 2019

I think that 2019 was an exciting and fun year because there were so many things going on, like changing schools, making new friends, and ma [...]

Art – Warming up for Exhibition

Last Thursday, we did a museum installation for an art project. We were told to bring some things that represent yourself.  I brought a few [...]

PA Blues Reflection

Last week, we did a blues unit and we grouped up and each group wrote our own song, and we played our own instruments. Here is my reflection [...]

MAP Testing

Last week, we did our MAP testing, Maths, Reading, and Literacy. I think that I did pretty well in Reading and Literacy. I also think that I [...]

Goal Setting

This week we worked on the S.M.A.R.T goal setting. S stands for Specific, M stands for Measurable, A stands for Attainable, R stands for Rea [...]

Science Inquiry

This week, we started our science inquiries, and I’m working with Heidi. We are doing an experiment on the different reactions to baki [...]
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