Research Genisis

This is the link to the MIDI that I will use in my remix, this will help me create the remix overall and is very important to the project. It is the base of the remix as I will be making most of the project out of variations of this MIDI


This is the acapella I will be using for the project, with just the MIDI it doesn’t have the calm feeling that C148’s original Wet Hands has. This acapella has that feeling and would help me a lot in the future.


This video is the notes on the song and may help me in the future if I want to possibly record the song myself if the MIDI fails, this video has helped me a lot in understanding the notes of the MIDI better and would make it easier when i’m rewriting them in garageband


This is the original song Wet Hands, and if I ever have a problem with how the MIDI sounds or the acapella, then I can listen to this and figure out how the original song is supposed to sound like.

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