Music Genesis Criterion D

Explain the step by step process of this assignment

I was tasked with creating a song with garageband, the requirements? none.
I decided later on that I would create a remix of the song Wet Hands by C148, the song is quiet and calming and simply satisfying and I wanted to re create that with garageband.
At first I had nothing, other than the pre-made MIDI. I also didn’t have any ideas for what to do for the song to make it different and have the same feeling as the original. Although I did come across an acapella of the song on youtube which I’ve decided to use, it has a similar calmness to it like the original.
At a point in the project, it was hard figuring out timing and how to time the acapella with the MIDI. In the end, I used multiple cuts and at a point, I cut a chunk out of the song because I felt the MIDI didn’t fit well with that part. I added more instruments and I ended up making the song with the feeling I wanted. Drums were also a big part with this project, as the acapella and a melody aren’t enough, beat wise. I ended up making my own drums with the keyboard on my computer with a mix of the automated drums on garageband.

Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal


My Remix had everything I said it would have in the proposal, the MIDI and the acapella. It was clear and talked about what would make the song a success. I ended up also learning a lot in cutting audio to mix with MIDI which was my goal in the proposal. The proposal helped me a lot with understanding what I needed to do and how I should get it done, as I usually go in head on. I hope to use it as a technique in the future.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired

I Learned a bit in this project and not much was new. One of the things I did improve on was matching acapellas with the MIDI which is something I look forward to doing in the future if I want to do more remixes for it could be helpful if I am making a remix and I want to add more to the instrumental face of it. I also improved on having simple ideas when it comes to making things from scratch like this project, at the beginning I had no idea what to do for the project. Now my ideas and imagination simply increased and I can create remixes musically easier.

What challenges did you face and overcome

With not knowing what to do for the entire project one thing, I couldn’t figure out at a point on how to cut the acapella to match the MIDI, in all I think it took about an hour to cut and rewrite some of the notes on the midi to eventually harmonize it with the acapella. I also at a point had no ideas for how to made the song, a remix and have the same calm feeling. With the MIDI basically having the harmony of the song I couldn’t find drums, or anything that could help. I eventually stumbled across the acapella that would help me a lot in the future.

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