week 4 reflection

In my 4th week in school, I did a lot of different things. one of the things that I did was a science experiment on how food coloring acts differently in water at different temperatures.  during this experiment, we used water that was room temperature, hot, and cold. every 2 minutes we measured the Temperature this is what my graph looked like.


During this week it was also pancake pajama day so we got to wear our pajamas to school and if you paid $39 hong kong dollars then you get to have pancakes for lunch. everyone had different pajamas and all of them were diverse in colors. lots of people were wearing onesies.

For home learning, I did a lot of wrighting, this was my writing


The Woman

He heard the girl screaming in the distance. He was at least an hour from his home. The long walk in the night air had done him well. He felt rejuvenated until he heard the screaming, in the distance. He took his one headphone out of his ear, so he could possibly get a direction to go to find her.

He had stopped jogging and now roamed a large stone fence, listening. As he came to a break in the fence he could hear she was only a short distance away. He looked up to see, illuminated by the street lights, “Allan Park Memorial Cemetery.” He passed under the sign, and headed for the screams and saw a woman in a dark pinkish mask pulling the girl into the bushes he called the cops and followed the screams into the bushes.

The screams led to an old church with mossy stones and battered grass. The girl screamed help from the top floor and the and the woman laughed maniacaly. He heard slow footsteps coming down the stairs and the woman was still laughing. He hid in the bushes and waited for the woman to pass. He slowly walked out of the bushes and crawled up the stairs constantly looking behind him to see if the woman came back. He found the girl looking out the window tied to a chair with a metal-like helmet on with a timer that was almost up. He walked in front of the girl and two metal pieces clamped to her jaw. The timer was at 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! The to pieces shot up and down pulling the girl’s jaw around her skull and blood splattered everywhere. He covered his eyes from the blood and saw that the woman was behind the girl wearing a pig mask and smiling. The woman looked at him and walked slowly towards him still grinning with blood-covered hands and grabbed him cover his mouth and said softly hope you go to heaven then slit his throat while laughing.

this wrighting is important to me because I spent a lot of time editing and revising it n plain out writing it. I learned a lot this week and a lot of things about my classmates and I hope I will have another awesome week like this week at CDNIS!


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