Design Crit D




Feedback questions:

What do you like about it?

What would you changed?

Does it show an environmental friendly organization?

How does it stand out or not stand out?




12 thoughts on “Design Crit D”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I like how your logo has many colours. It makes it stand out more.
    I think that you should add a bit more detail like colouring the blades of grass or the birds. I think that it shows an environmentally friendly organisation because your logo has many inputs of nature in it. Overall, I think that your logo is good and it shows that you care about the environment but how else does it express you?

  2. 1. I really like the choice of colour. The range is very wide which makes your whole logo pop and be full of colour. I also like how it represents you in many ways which is very creative.
    2. Maybe you could make it more simple. It’s looks very cool but it’s hard to know the meaning through the symbols. Theres a lot going on in your logo which kind of makes it hard to see.
    3. The tree really shows the environmentally friendly part, but the birds around the tree kind of looks like its attacking it. Or is it just me. Idk but it does show it.
    4. The colour you used makes the logo stand out as you used a lot of warm tones. It catches the audiences eye right away.

  3. I like the colour and shape psychology that you used it really stood out and was the first thing I looked at when I opened the link you sent me. I would change this by erasing the red lines you made. This is environmentally friendly because of the trees and animals in your logo.
    Oli Brock aka SCOTT STERLING!!!!!!!!

  4. I like how you used darker colours to make the light ones stand out
    I would make it have more you or more colour
    Yes it does but so many environmental friendly organizations have a tree in their logo, it needs to stand out more
    it does not srtand out because so many environmental friendly organizations have a tree in their logo

  5. I like how it is very natural and colourful, and how it is simple for the trees and ground. It is easy to look at, and I like the different layers.

    The colours are a bit for little kids (I know you said it for mine but it is NOT for payback 🙂 and the birds could be more simple. Maybe you could colour them in. The grass could also be more straight.

    Yes because it has a tree and there are many other natural things in it, but the eye doesn’t really relate to it.

    It stands out because you used bright colours.

  6. Mom (Rebecca) “I like that it is symbolic and I know it has something to do with trees. I like the colors, they are pleasant to the eye, colorful and contrasting.
    Change the thing in the middle to have more significance to nature, like a globe, a fountain. ect.
    It does show an environmentally friendly organization.
    It almost stands out, the contrasting is a little bit muted.

  7. Brother (Hunter) “I like the colors, I get the idea of what it is about
    I would have made it more symmetrical.
    Yes it does because of the tree, the peace sign, and the greeniness of it.
    It doesn’t stand out that much because the colors aren’t well contrasted, the colors don’t stand out from one another.

  8. Cyrus “I like how this logo is simple yet it looks professional. However, I feel like that the logo can be more specific, it doesn’t tell me exactly what the company does, and the peace sign is irrelevant. “

  9. Dad(Daniel) “The color is very bright and nice.
    The red circle allows me to have a focal point and know where to look.
    Make those two black things more obvious as birds.
    It does look environmental friendly, because of the tree and the peace sign.
    It does stand out.”

  10. I like the illuminati,
    i would have made it gradient, to make it more realistic,
    yes it does look environmentally friendly because of the tree,
    and the tree stands out because it looks like a giant piece of broccoli

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