My logo

What do you think about my color choices?

In what ways does my Logo reflect me in your opinion?

What changes would you do if you were me?


7 thoughts on “My logo”

  1. I think the colour choices are really bright and it is colourful. I guess it shows that you like captain America and roses. You can take away somethings to apply to one of the design principles simple.

  2. I think that your color choices are very bright reflecting every object that you created. I don’t really know how your logo reflects you, but if I had to guess maybe you like marvel and are creative. I would take away some of the objects to make your logo less complicated.

  3. I like your color choice because it is very bright and it shows that you are a very positive person! I can see that you like Captain America, roses, spears, etc by looking at your logo. I wish you can change the shield to 3D shape so that your logo has one more logo design principle which is Memorable.

  4. 1. I think your colour choices are really good and remind me of Christmas.
    2. The colourful choices reflect on your adventurous personality.
    3. I would make the logo clearer and more detailed.

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