design logo

for our design project, we where asked to make a logo that represent us and who we are.

what are some good features of my logo?

what are some bad features?


2 thoughts on “design logo”

  1. A1 – I like how you used different colors for the world instead of just the original blue and green. It makes the continents stand out and knowing you, I know that you have travelled quite a lot around the world.

    A2 – Something you could work on is adding a little more. I know you like to play sports? Tennis, soccer? Maybe you could try and add that somewhere?

    Well Done! I like it!

  2. Your logo is quite interesting. The font is clear and nice. You drew the earth quite nicely. Nice color choice. It’s quite plain and boring. It’s simple and memorable, I guess thats a good thing. Your logo just does not have a WOW factor. Sorry, but it’s still cool.

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