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ukulele summative

The recording is similar because the beat is the same as the actually song.beat meaning the timing rhythm. Also the notes and chords are the same as the actual song this makes the song flow and have a good rhythm to it.i also put the music notes in the correct bars in garage band and i added the correct notes in each bar using the and ukulele piano.my timing was also correct so that i could time the singing correctly. this has the effect of making the song flow and sound more calm and relax.

ts different because i did not use the exact same strum pattern as the original song my strumming was a slower pattern i made this to have the effect on the person listening this makes them feel more calm while listening to the recording.another way its is different is in my recording i used the piano and for the actual song there are no other instruments involved or being played.I also slowed the beats down to make the chords and strumming less complicated or less rushed while playing.

I learned how to strum effectively meaning the correct way.i learned the strum pattern for the song that I chose and made adjustments to fit the way that i wanted to customise the song meaning timing and the beats.i learned the fingering of the notes used in the song that i chose.another ukulele skill i have required is for the song i used four notes one of which was a new note that i had just learned i now know hoe to play more notes and have wider range of ukulele notes.

While editing using garage band I used many editing tools after I recorded. while editing my ukulele I recorded each-note and then copy and pasting it into each place its needed in the song and in the correct bars so that the ukulele chords are on time.while editing-the Digital piano i played the same note as the on the ukulele but on the digital piano so for example if the note for the ukulele was f then for the piano i would also play an f so the notes match and this brings a smooth sound

my time management could have been better because i didn’t have any recording on friday so i had to do all my recording in one class and that lead to me having to do the piano singing and other editing at home . but i still completed it before the due date and put a-lot off effort and time into this.

my responsibility was okay because i had all the knowledge on how to play because mr.O’Toole taught us notes and how to play but i got it done on the last class so it was challenging to finish it all in one class.

Ukulele summative – amazing grace

here is my recording

What is the key of your tune? Time Signature? *
The key is c the time signature is 3/4
What sort of rhythms are used in your song? How were they used musically? *
The rhythm of amazing grace is a quarter note to a half note, which starts as a pick up beat, and this is repeated throughout the whole song. It has the effect of making people feel calm and relaxed which this makes it easy to enjoy. The pitch is constantly changing to higher and lower notes meaning ascending from the low G up to the high G and then descends back down.  The end of the first phrase finishes with a tied dotted half note to half note adding up to 5 beats.having a long note adds a calm feeling to the song and makes this certain note more important.
Discuss your note accuracy and rhythm accuracy in regards to your strumming and melodic playing… *
My notes were accurate because Mr. O’Toole taught us about the notes and strumming.for doing notes he taught us about what notes to play the fingering and the timing of them so that it goes along with the beat and sounds good and correct.For the strumming he taught us how to play the chord that was necessary and also the timing of the strum ,and how low or high the note should be .one other thing was I learned the timing of singing as well by going along with the melody and strum and singing the correct words at the correct time.These steps lead to my whole song sounding correct and having the right rhythm.
What Ukulele skills have you acquired? Chords, melody, etc. *
I have acquired many skills.i learned how to do fingering for the melody of amazing grace ,i also learned how to read music and the different notes.one very important skill that i acquired in this unit was the different high and low notes and how they can affect the mood or feeling of the sing when listening to it.one major part of the recording we had to do was strumming i learned how to strum correctly meaning what fingers/finger and where and how to strum correctly on the right notes.I also learned about timing of the strumming and the melody. i learned how timing is how the song comes together.one other skill i learned while doing the ukulele is tuning which helps the cords have the right sound and essentially helps make the whole song sound improved and more natural.
How did you decide your tempo to match your song and style? Did the context of the song change because of this? *
my tempo matched my song and style because amazing grace is a slow song so my tempo was slow. My goal for the effect this song would have on the audience would be calm and soothing because of the slow tempo. I didn’t want Amazing Grace to be a fast song because the singing wouldn’t match either. Most part of the song is in long notes which would make it difficult to sing at a fast pace.
How did you use the editing tools in Garageband? Trimming, Cutting, pasting, metronome, etc… *
In garage band I used pasting for my strum I recorded three chords that I needed for the  strumming and then pasted them in the correct spot that needed the strumming.I also used pasting for the part were it repeats in the melody so that the sound is accurate and similar.I trimmed parts of the singing and melody.I trimmed the parts that were to long or only had the first part that was correct.this makes the sound better and all the melody ,strumming, and singing is correct.it also helps make the timing correct so the sound is in sync and the rhythm is correct.
Discuss your recording process; recording bar at a time, chord at a time, in phrases? Did you have any concerns or issues? *
During the recording process for the melody I recorded every two notes and the joined the separate recordings together to make a completed melody.when recording the strumming i recorded each chord and then placed them in the spots that needed the strumming.i chose to do the melody and strumming in different pieces because its easier to edit ,and doing the notes separately makes it more accurate because I spend more time perfecting each note and making the right sound.i had worries the sound would not be clear.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to gabriellesumner2025@cdnis.edu.hk.


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