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Project Genesis Research

What information are you using from this link?

This video was made by Mr. OToole and this video explains how to keep my mashup in time and at the right tempo and beat to make it more smooth so it doesn’t sound weird and choppy.

What information are you using from this link? *

This is one of my favorite mashups and I really like listening to it. I really like the layers of different songs. I will be using this mashup as an inspiration to my own mashup. I hope that I will be able to create my own mashup that flows as well as this mashup.

What information are you using from this link?

Since this is the first time that I will be making a mashup, I don’t really know how to so this website really helps me understand what to do to make a good mashup. This link explains how to make a mashup step by step including how to choose songs that would go well together, and what I have to apply to the songs to make it sound better, FX, plugins, etc.

What information are you using from this link?

This website goes through the four easy steps to do to create a good mashup, it also explains what I should do if after doing all the steps but the mashup still sounds bad. This website will be very useful for me when I create my mashup and I will follow the instructions step by step to ensure I don’t make any mistakes and create a good mashup.

Project Genesis Proposal


What is the goal for your assignment and why?

My goal for this assignment is to create a mashup of some of my favorite pop songs. I want to do this because I love listening to pop songs and especially mashups of pop songs and I think it is really cool how people who create mashups can combine many different songs and make them sound like one song. I think this will be a really cool experience for me and I will learn a lot about mashups.

Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal.

1. research on how to create mashups
2. find 4 or more songs that go well together
3. download the songs and add them to Garageband
4. experiment with what order I want to put the songs in
5. cut and trim some of the sounds
6. transpose or change tempo and bpm and add transitions etc. to make the song flow well and make it sound better
7. get some feedback from classmates, friends, and family
8. make some more changes if needed
9. submit the final song on my blog and on google classroom

What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product?

– using different GarageBand skills I’ve learned
– the song is smooth and goes well together
– 2 minutes or longer
– includes 4 or more songs

Sounds of CDNIS

Describe the process of this assignment.

Before starting this summative assignment, we had to learn many new skills and have a deep understanding of all the skills needed to complete the assignment, such as how the plugins can add effects to sounds, and how to record and edit software instruments and how to loop sounds to add more depth into the music. To learn all these skills and get better at it, we had to do different projects, so that way we were fully prepared for this summative assignment. The first thing I did after starting this assignment was to record sounds from around my house that I thought would go well together and compliment each other. After that was done I added them to GarageBand and edited it using plug-ins that I learned about in this unit, then I tried many different software instruments to see which two sounded the best together with my audios. After I picked two software instruments I played around with different notes on the keyboard and I recorded it and edited it. Next, I looped some of my sounds, cut them, and rearranged it to make it sound better and more interesting. After I was satisfied with the song, I added a drum track and it made the song sound so much better. Finally, I just listened to my song a couple more times and made some minor changes to it.

Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.

When I was looking around my house thinking about what sounds I should use for this assignment, I tried to look for sounds that will make my music more interesting and engaging, so first I recorded myself randomly typing on my laptop’s keyboard, which made really cool fast clicking sounds, my other audios were the sound of a door handle, the sound of a dehumidifier, my younger sister saying hello and laughing. The sounds I recorded were very useful for my end product because it added more depth to my music and made it more unique and interesting. The sound of the dehumidifier was used as the background of my track, the keyboard typing sounds, and the door handle sounds were used for the rhythm of the song. My sister’s laughing sounds and her saying hello were used to add depth to the song and make the song more fun.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.

Since this is my first time using GarageBand, I’ve learned many new skills, but the main skills I’ve learned was the use of plug-ins and software instruments. Before this unit, I had no idea what plugins were and in this unit I learned how plug-ins are used to add effects to sounds, making it sound completely different from the original sound. I also learned about what each plugin does to a sound. I learned how to record software instruments and how to edit them after recording, I learned that even after recording the music from the software instruments, you can still change what note was played if there was a mistake and you can drag the notes to how short or how long you want it to be, and you can even add more notes or delete notes. Other than learning how to use plug-ins and software instruments, I also learned some basic skills such as how to cut, edit and loop sounds and add drum tracks.

What challenges did you face and overcome? 

The biggest challenge I faced was finding loops that matched my song, this was hard for me because there are so many apple loops for me to choose from and some don’t really go well with the chords and the theme that I’m going with. I overcame this challenge by narrowing my search down to more upbeat audios and I ended up finding the perfect loops for my song. Another challenge that I faced was that after I added the audios that I recorded from my phone to GarageBand it didn’t have any sound and I was really worried that I had to record everything again because I was already behind and had to catch up, but then after a long time trying to find out what went wrong because there was sound on my phone, I restarted my laptop and airdropped the audio files again and it worked, I think there might have been a problem with the first audio files I airdropped.