Project Genesis – Crit B/D – Final product

Explain the step by step process of this assignment
 The first step was to choose 4 songs for the mashup. I found 4 songs on Youtube I decided to mash up, so I downloaded them. After downloading all of the songs from the Internet, I started to upload all the songs to GarageBand. One by one, I started to set a tempo for my mashup and enabled flex in order to make them sound smooth. Also, I had to keep adjusting the pitch of all the 4 songs because they all had to go in together smoothly, which wasn’t easy to do. Then, I started to cut parts that were unnecessary for my song. This part wasn’t that hard, but sometimes I didn’t really know when to stop. Finally, after editing all the sounds to my liking, I had to start moving them around and fitting them in random places that I think will look good. I listened to the mashup to make sure it sounds good and there weren’t a lot of mistakes. Then, I saved my music uploaded to my blog.
Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal
My first criteria were to make the mash-up sound good and all the songs go well together. My mash-up sounds pretty good, but there are several parts that didn’t flow smoothly. Some of the transitions weren’t smooth and sounded weird with the other songs. It sounded like a random song popping out from nowhere. My second criteria were to use my time well at school in order to not do extra editing at home. This criteria was something I wasn’t able to do because we didn’t go to school. However, I feel like I’m way more concentrated at school compared to my house because I was distracted a lot easier, which made me take a long time to finish the mash-up. My third criteria were the mash-up will be able to flow smoothly. There are some parts that I really like, but there are parts that I really hate, probably because the sound doesn’t go smoothly. My fourth and final criteria were to have 4 different songs for the mash-up. Those criteria weren’t too hard to follow, but at first, it was really hard because I wasn’t sure what song to use.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired
I think this was a great experience because I’ve never made a mash-up in my life. I learned to match the tempo and enable flex. I didn’t know much about the tempo and pitch, but because of this experience, I got to become a little bit more interested in those topics. Also, I had no idea how to download songs from the internet and had some problems with downloading all of them. However, I soon found out what I had to do in the end, and can now easily download any songs I want at any time.
What challenges did you face and overcome? 
 One of the challenges I faced was not knowing what to do. I chose all my songs and had to start mashing them up, but I didn’t know how to start any of the mash-up because I didn’t know much about pitch and tempo. Also, my songs all have different tempo and pitch, so I had to adjust a lot of them to make sure they sound good. I realized that some of the songs I chose weren’t really going well, so I had to change them several times, but in the end, the song turned out okay.

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