Culminating Assignment – Sounds of CDNIS

Describe the process of this assignment.

The assignment I worked on was about sounds in CDNIS. The first thing I had to do for this assignment was to go around to school and record sounds such as teachers talking or lockers slamming. I chose to do the sounds of pen dropping, hands hitting the desk, uniforms getting rubbed together and a teacher’s voice, which was mandatory to include. After getting all the recordings at school, I had to put all of them in Garage Band and had to edit them. I had a total of 4 different sounds which I had to edit, So I had all 4 sounds in Garage Band, and I had to create new audio with the exact same sound, but an edited version of the sound. So in total, I had a total of 8 sounds in my GarageBand. I used various plug-ins to edit my audios. For the teachers’ voice, I used Echo and Bit-crusher to edit my first sound. Pitch Shifter and Overdrive for my second, Pitch Shifter and Echo for my third and finally, Bit-crusher, Direction Mixer and Echo for my last audio. Some of the plug-ins I added didn’t make a lot of difference to my audio, so I had to change them to another one. The plug-ins that worked for my sounds were Echo, Bit-crusher, Pitch Shifter, Overdrive and Direction Mixer. After finishing all the edits to my audios, I added 2 instruments (which changed in the process of making my music). After finishing with my sounds, I had to screen record what I did to my sounds. I showed the original version, and the changed version, and how I made the sound change. I repeated all of them and talked about all the plug-ins I used to change the sound. After all the work was done, it was time to start making my music. Making my own music was the hardest part for me because I had trouble finding 4 loops. Also, I had trouble with my 2 melodic instruments which were the guitar and the piano. So I had to go up to the teacher to help me with my instruments. For my loops, I added various beats because I wanted my music to have a lot of fun rhythms to it. The easiest one was with my drummer track because I didn’t have to edit it a lot. When I finished with my music, I realized that it was horrible because none of the sounds matched, so I asked some friends to help me change my loops. Then I took it to the teacher to check it, and he fixed a lot of my instruments and melodic instruments. I didn’t have enough time to finish all of them in class, so I had to edit more at home.


Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.

I had a total of 4 different CDNIS sounds that I recorded. I had a teacher’s voice, a pen dropping, hands hitting the desk and clothes getting rubbed together. The least useful sound was the clothes getting rubbed together because the volume of the audio was really low compared to all of my other audios. Even if I raised the volume up for clothes getting rubbed, it didn’t really work out, so I had to lower a lot of other instruments down. The most useful one was the combination of the pen drop and the teacher’s voice. The pen drop sounded the best probably because it had the teacher’s help. The pen drop changed into a sound that had rhythms in it. The teacher’s voice also sounded really good because it got fixed by the teacher a bit. The teachers’ voice had an echo to it which made even a better combination. I really loved the part where the first pen drop and the teacher’s voice comes out. Also, even if the clothes rubbing sound wasn’t that loud, it still made a difference to my music, especially at the end because some parts of my music were empty, but thanks to the clothes rubbing, I got to fill in some parts. The empty parts made the sound of clothes rubbing sound even better because there wasn’t a lot of background noise that distracted it. The final product was pretty well made, but if I had more time, I think I would have made it better. However, I was really proud of my work at the end because it took me a long time and a lot of effort to complete my music.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.

Throughout this assignment, I learned a lot of new skills such as using plug-ins to edit my tracks on GarageBand, creating new melodies, and using good loops to make my music sound better. I didn’t know a lot about plug-ins, so I had to watch some videos and had to ask some friends for more information. Some of the plug-ins for my music didn’t really make changes in my sounds, so I had to change a lot of my plug-ins into other ones. Another skill that I learned was to screen-record because when I screen-recorded my audio several times, I wasn’t able to hear what I said, but somehow controlled the settings and were able to fix it. The most important thing I learned was to use the loops. I spent a lot of time trying to look for loops that fitted perfectly for my music. However, I learned that I could edit my loops to my liking, and make them fit into my song.


What challenges did you face and overcome?

I faced a lot of challenges to finish my music because the CDNIS sounds didn’t match my loops to my liking. I had to spend a long time picking out the perfect loop to match. Also, it was hard to get melodic instruments because I couldn’t really make it match my music. At first, I didn’t really know what sounds I had to record around the school because I wanted my music to sound really unique. However, I realized that if I made my sounds unique, it would be hard to put loops in them and make the music as I want. I recorded a lot of different audios around the school, but most of them didn’t work out for me, so I had to do a lot of simples ones such as pens dropping, and clothes getting rubbed together. The hardest thing was when I was recording all the sounds around CDNIS. For some of my audios, I needed a quiet place to record because the volume of the sound was really low. However, since it’s a school, it took me a long time for me to record my audios without any background noises.

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