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Hi there, this is my logo. Could you please give me some feedback about my logo?

1.) How would you improve my logo?

2.) What do you think about the shapes/objects I used in my logo?

3.) Do you like the color I’ve chosen? If not, which color/s would you use?

Martin Poon 7C

8 thoughts on “Design: My Logo”

  1. 1) In my opinion, you can add some more different colours, so you can attract more attention, and you can add something more interesting besides the logo, so you can fill up the space, since now, it seems like it is a bit plain.
    2) I really like the use of the shapes and lines in your logo, since it really forms the light bulb shape.
    3) Well, my fav colour is orange, so I love your logo’s colour, but since the whole thing is orange, it becomes kind of a bit dull and boring, if you would like to add some green to the middle of the light bulb the two lines, to make seem like you are trying to publish the idea of going green.
    You did amazing overall.

  2. I like how you used a lightbulb and connected it to the bar graph. very cool mantin. you should add more detail to the lightbulb and maybe change the positioning of the bar graph. overall very cool manstion also organge very cool

  3. I think that your logo is very innovative. Your logo is very cool and smart on how you used a light bulb. I really like how you used more then just a light bulb and you did more like added lines and titing it to make it more versatile. Finnally I liked how you made it very simple, You could of used more colors .

  4. I would improve your logo by using several colors instead of just one.
    I really like the choices you made with logo especially with the lightbulb and bar graph. This is because it shows a versatile perspective. I think it’s also very appropriate because of its simpleness.
    I like the color you’ve chose because as we learned in color psychology orange is a very enthusiastic and warm color, it welcomes everyone.

  5. 1. I would add more detail to the logo and perhaps use two colours instead of one.
    2. I think the shape choice is excellent as it allows the viewers to understand your skills and interests. The bar graph is well crafted and the outline is well done. Overall, I think your shape selection was good.
    3. I think you could use more than one color. Maybe navy blue and orange.

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