Project Genesis

It’s a loop project because I couldn’t do a laptop (i couldn’t put any songs into Garage Band.

Explain the step by step process of this assignment…
1. Open up garage band and make a new project. 2. Search loops for loops that would fit together. 3. Add the first loop and then add a drummer for an obvious beat. 4. Look at other instruments for a loop that would fit together to what I already have. This is hard because even if one beat doesn’t fit, you have to find a different loop to fit perfectly. 5. Redo step 4 until you have 2 minutes of the song. Try and switch up the theme of the song with a smooth transition. 6. Turn the Garage band into an MP3 file and embed the file into a new blog post named project Genesis. 7. Go on Google Classroom and do the Criteria D form. 8. When you finish the Criteria D form, press submit and copy and paste it into the blog post with the embedded audio.


Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal…
My success against my assessable criteria from my proposal was not that good. Since my garage band did not let me add original songs, I could not do my original plan of doing a 2017 mash-up. After a long email string, I was allowed to do a loop project instead. This was my criteria from my proposal. – The mashup must flow smoothly. – The mashup’s content has to only involve songs that are part of the theme. – The mashup must include 4 songs. As I have said, my garage band wouldn’t let me drag, insert any songs into Garage band. I did achieve the flow smoothly criteria strand.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.
I learned timing again and also smooth transitioning. Smooth transitioning is very important because without a smooth transition, the song is basically ruined. You can do smooth transitioning by slowly dropping some loops. Then you can find a loop that was a different theme or beat than the ones that you used before. After you found your loop, work on the timing which is more important than transitioning since timing will be important during the whole song and transitioning will be important for 2 or 3 parts of the song. You can learn timing by listening if one of the beats isn’t right. Every artist using timing is more likely to get famous and more fans. If I use timing and a good transition.


What challenges did you face and overcome.
The biggest challenge that I faced was that I could not put any songs into garage band. This was hard because I need songs for the mashup. I tried to download songs from youtube but I still couldn’t drag them into garage band. I overcome this challenge by emailing my teacher and finding a project that I could do. After a long line of emails, I thought about what I should do and I thought ‘loop project’ because my garage band will let me do it and because I know the skills.

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