Culminating assignment

Describe the process of this assignment. 
The process of the assignment went like this: 1. Collect the sounds. I had to go around the school and find sounds that fit CDNIS. 2. Put them on a garage band and edit them to make them sound completely different. I also had to choose two instruments on garage band 3. Make a screen recording for a Crit C. I had to screen record us explaining what I did to edit the sounds and I had to show the two instruments that I chose. 4. Start the song. I had to use all of our edited sounds, two or more original Melodic software instruments, four or more loops, 1 drum track, the screen recording and more than 2 minutes of a song. 5. Try and figure out what the sounds can be used for. I had to figure out which part of the audio I should use and what it could be used for. 6. Make it into a song. This is where I took everything that I had and put it together, hoping that it would fit into our songs. 7. Then I forgot to save the garage band audio so I had to start the whole process over again but when I did finish it I was ready for the next stage. 7. Turn the document. I had to export the audio into an MP3. After I did all my final edits and cuts, I turned it in and hoped for the best. I turned it in by making a blog post on Ifolio. 8. Finish the Crit D (the form that I’m doing right now.


Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. 
My four CDNIS sounds were: Water running on a water fountain, Typing on a keyboard, A teacher shouting at children in French, And a magazine/ Booklet’s pages flipping. I think that the sounds that were not useful at all were: Water running on a water fountain and a magazine/ booklet’s pages flipping. The water running was not useful because the sound was extremely quiet and had no effect on the song since no-one could hear it. It also had no percussion or any beat to it so I couldn’t only cut out one piece to make a beat. I had also attempted to make it louder so that the listener could hear it but it made it sound worse than when it was quiet. The book or magazine flipping also had no effect because it had no beat and it was way too loud. I made it quieter which solved the problem but the no beat problem could not be changed. I tried to edit it by taking parts of it when the page hit the book and cutting that out and repeating it and hoping that it would make a beat. The sounds that were helpful to my audio is the teacher speaking french. I cut out a part of what she said and repeated it to make it sound like the beginning of a rap song. When it repeated the word that sounded like ‘cheese’, it fits one of the loops that I added in.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 
I have acquired a lot of new skills. Some of them include knowing timing. I have learned timing because timing was used a lot in my audio. It was used so that I would know when to put the sounds of CDNIS in. It is important for the future because now I know when I should put any loops or any instruments. I also learned how to edit any audio tracks. What I learned is that you basically click on the track, and if you scroll to the very bottom, it should say ‘plugins’ and that is where you can edit your sound. Some examples of plugins are Distortion, bit crusher, delay, pitch shifter, noise gate and so on. Plugins make different sounds sound different and unique.
What challenges did you face and overcome? 
 I had the challenge that I forgot to save my work so I had to start from the beginning again. I overcome this by just starting and not complaining about how I have to start again. Another challenge that I faced was trying to get the sounds to sound good in the audio/mix. This was hard because barely any of the sounds had any beat. This makes it hard because our assignment was to make our mix in a way that our audio is important and some of the audios were useless since I didn’t know what I had to use them for. Another challenge that I faced is finding a loop that fits the beat. Most of the loops were fairly fast and all of my beats were either to slow or too fast. The loops I used would stop whenever my sounds came on. However, I faced all my challenges.
To be continued.

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