My Instrument Choice

My instrument choice would be a clarient. A clarinet would typically sound like a bass recorder. The clarinet is quite easy to master, with some care, this instrument should make a nice sound.

The clarinet is divided into five parts, the bell, two large sized pieces, the barrel and the mouthpiece. On next of the mouthpiece is the reed (we’ll talk about it later). Cork grease is also required.

For beginners, you need to confirm you can at least make a small sound that sounds mostly low, so without touching any keys, blow your hardest (making sure no air hole gaps) and there should be some sound. Here is the link to a recommended video:

How to play the piano: Relax your shoulders and round your fingers to hold the clarinet naturally.

Follow these steps for using the mouthpiece:

  1. Cover your bottom teeth with your bottom lip gently.
  2. Set the reed on your bottom lip.
  3. Place your top teeth firmly on the mouthpiece.
  4. Close your mouth as if you are smiling.

A reed is a wood like clip that is required to be placed in the mouthpiece. When using it, make sure that it is not too but slightly moist, and place it in the mouthpiece perfectly.

In order to produce good sound, you should blow facing straight forward, without puffing your cheeks out.
Use only the thumb of your right hand to support the instrument, and hold the barrel with your left.
How much of the mouthpiece you put in your mouth and the angle at which you hold the clarinet are important points.
* If you don’t put the mouthpiece in your mouth far enough, it will be hard to make any sound. If you put it in too far, the sound can get distorted.

(How to play notes )