Whataya Want From Me- My Ukulele Summative

Over the past month we chose a song we liked, and played it using the ukulele and recording it after. I chose Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want From Me” as my song. I recorded my song in 85 beats (metronome)

Hope it’s not too bad!

How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? 
I played hard rock and drumming a little loud although the keyboard and the galactic theme was the major one. This is because in some parts of the song such as (“Just don’t give up”), an instrument with rock and drumming went well because it was one of the most high pitched areas, which made me add hard rock and drumming to the song. Another similarity with the reflection was the number of beats and the rhythm, because it was very similar to the original, for example: in the part (“Whataya want from me”), it was sang in 5 beats, and that was exactly the amount of beats I used for that part. Overall there were also a few similarities I kept from the original song.


How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? 
Instead of using hard rock and drumming as the main track just like the original song, I decided to use keyboard and galactic theme, because when I listened to the song, the voice and the sound was coming on too powerful, so I decided using keyboard would be easier and get it less strong. Also I wanted a track that would go on with the song, and after listening to a few synth tracks, I decided the galactic theme went well with my song. Another major change was the the main keys for ukulele was: A, BM, D and G, but the strumming was too difficult for my skills, and the strumming was less smoother, so I used AM, C, F, and G as an alternative for my ukulele, and I was able to play that easily and nicely. Also, I decided to change my singing to a higher pitch/vocal, because it didn’t contrast well with all the tracks I added, and because of that, it made me sing higher. Overall there were a lot of major differences going on, but after I added them the song went smoother and contrasting with each other.


Ukulele Skills… 
My song didn’t require thorough and smooth strumming on every single part, because the rhythm of the original song wasn’t smooth and sometimes stopped for a little before playing a strong key. for example, in the first part of the song, I strummed once or twice, and after the song started to get louder and have more lyrics, I strummed occasionally in those parts. I used the keys AM and G a lot, because they were the keys that contrasted best with the song, and also C and F were used a lot, especially in the parts that sang “Whataya Want From Me”. The keys were easy to strum with, and was nice with the song, with prompted me to use those keys often.


Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use… 
My song had 6 tracks that played along with the ukulele. The main ones were keyboard/piano, melody, drumming and ukulele. I also added some extra and optional tracks to give it a better sound and make it contrast better with the song. The extra tracks were hard rock guitar and galactic themed synth vibes. Overall my song needed a lot of cutting, because I generally recorded all my recordings as whole, and after I listened to it once or twice, I cut some parts of it and placed it on the front of back so it was on time and playing along with the metronome. The ukulele especially needed a lot of editing. The editing went better than planned, because after editing, the majority of the song was on time, although at the middle of the song, it went slightly slower, although in the end everything the rhythm catched up to the metronome and overall it was on time.


Time management for your project… 
Frankly, my time management could have been controlled much better throughout the project. In the first week, I decided to finish all the side tracks (ex: piano, drums, hard rock) and my melody so I can finish the ukulele without any pressure of finishing the rest. However, when I attempted to record the ukulele, not only I realised the keys were too hard for my skills, but also my side tracks were too fast. Eventually I had to delete all my side tracks and record the ukulele. Luckily, Mr O’Toole helped me get it on time and made sure it matched with the original melody of the song. After I finished editing the ukulele, I added new side tracks to the song, and just finished it before class on the 20th when it was due. I learned from this experience that it is imperative that the main tracks (eg: ukulele, keyboard, drumming) are finished first because they are the most vital and difficult ones to get on time and complete to date.


Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time) 
Eventually I got my song as a blog post before the due date. However throughout the few weeks we had to finish this, I made the wrong decision of recording the side tracks first, which made me start from scratch. Thankfully I used my time wisely in the last week, and finished it. That was the biggest challenge I faced. If I had a chance to redo this assessment, I would finish the main tracks first and then add the side tracks. Overall throughout this assessment I liked playing this song and if I had to redo it, I would put this song as a good choice.

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