Amazing Grace-My Ukulele Summative

My first summative for my music unit was to create a blog post with a music that includes strumming, chords and melody, and I chose Amazing Grace because not only it was the best choice for beginners, but also it had the nicest melody.


You can listen to the audio here:

What is the key of your tune? Time Signature?
The first strumming note of the song was a c, and that had a slightly enlightening effect on me because in the ukulele, c has a high melody, and that made me somewhat energetic and enlightening, maybe even happy. Only the notes c, f, and g was included in the song, which made it simple which was also good. On playing the chords, at the start, it made me feel energetic, and after the f played, it made me calm down and in the halfway mark, there was a note with 5 beats, which gave it a sense if suspense. At the end of the book, it was lower and had lower notes, getting me calmer. As a player, Amazing Grace was overall a energetic and calm song to play. The time signature was 3/4, which is the signature I usually play with.
What sort of rhythms are used in your song? How were they used musically?
At the start, most of the song were crochets and minims, but after the first half, there were longer notes giving a sense of suspense. The effect of that musically was very calm and enlightening. For example, in the first half the first note was a crotchet, minim, and crotchet. Overall Amazing Grace has a strong musical effect through rhythm.
Discuss your note accuracy and rhythm accuracy in regards to your strumming and melodic playing…
Generally I usually played the right notes when recording my audio, and I always redid or modified the notes that were wrong. But my rhythm wasn’t as strong as my notes. In the first half nearly no errors were made because I was able to work and play consistently, but unfortunately, I can’t play very long notes or keys with the ukulele, and in the second half there were a few errors that I had to fix in order for my audio to run smoothly and decently. Thankfully my melody didn’t have any errors, and the strumming was also great with less errors than my chord (which is a weakness for me).
What Ukulele skills have you acquired? Chords, melody, etc.
At the start of the unit, I was very unfamiliar with the ukulele, honestly any string instruments, and I’m very pleased by how much my ukulele skills have improved so far. I’ve mastered three elements of the ukulele, which is melody (singing along), chords and strumming. My biggest strength out of the three elements are singing along (melody) and strumming, but frankly my chords wasn’t a strength, because I occasionally forgot the notes, and the rhythm was slightly offbeat.

How did you decide your tempo to match your song and style? Did the context of the song change because of this?

My original plan was for my song not only to match Amazing grace (the song I chose), and to follow the metronome so my audio would be more accurate. But after listening to my audio (which was mostly finished at that time), My rhythm was going slightly faster at a accelerating pace (accelerando) which was completely unintentional, because I wanted my audio to follow the metronome, but after listening to it a few times, I understood it was a minor error, and also it made the song more smooth, so I decided to leave it alone. Mr O’ Toole (during the PTSC) also said it wouldn’t have an academic effect in this unit. What I would do next time as a goal, would be to split my audio and play it into parts to make the rhythm equal.

How did you use the editing tools in Garageband? Trimming, Cutting, pasting, metronome, etc… 

In the first half, usually I didn’t need to go through any editing except move the bars around, but in the second half, my consistency wasn’t as good, and it resulted as some mistakes and going offbeat. Due to this, I had to cut some of the music and get it along with the metronome. I also had to modify the sound because my strumming was very loud, while my voice wasn’t, and because of this, I had to make my strumming slower and more quiet, and make my voice more louder.

Discuss your recording process; recording bar at a time, chord at a time, in phrases? Did you have any concerns or issues?

Generally unless it was something I was having major troubles with (ex: chords) I usually just did it in one go to get it on rhythm, and in my opinion, in some aspects, that worked well, but but sometimes not quite. Recording it in one go made it more smoother and melodic, but also due to my inconsistency, it overtime went slowly offbeat and I made more mistakes, usually melodic. For example, when doing the chords, I accidentally played the wrong note or also played the note next to it, giving it an unpleasant sound. As a result, I had to split the chords and some other parts in my audio to avoid mistakes, although after the rhythm went more out of position. Also after investigating further, I looked at the strumming, and I found out my transitions to c and g were quite slow, having an affect on what the bar should look like and the beat. But overall, I’m pleased with my audio since it’s not too bad and with avoidable errors, and also I like the way I modified it too.

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