Unite 1 Parlez Vous Francais

My group’s task was to create a role play to involve all the information our class learned. I was reasonably pleased as I got a 7 & 6. But it was quite challenging as me and my partner had trouble with our pronounciation . A strength was how the role play flowed well, a weakness was if we could have aligned the script more carefully to make it look real. This is because after the assessment I looked at the script, and realised I was skipping to a new topic (ex: favourite colour suddenly to favourite place). I could have made the script carry on slowly, so it would really look like a smooth script. We could also have worked on speaking the french more carefully when encountering difficult words. Overall me and my partner’s performance went really well. The thing that disappointed me the most was the organization. The script was quite unorganized in some areas, for example, after talking about where we live, we suddenly moved on to hobbies, which wasn’t connected with the previous one. We also didn’t use any transition. After the hobbies, we moved on to colours, and that would have been a better topic to put after talking about where we live.

But overall, I think our french assessment went really well without any minor errors, and there were a lot of bright sides like turning it on time and getting good grades.

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