Design Final Logo


What you do think about my final logo?

If you were the owner of this logo, what would you change?

Can you define a strength/weakness?

Are the combinations of colours effective and eye catching?


6 thoughts on “Design Final Logo”

  1. Mom: I think it is a very nice logo. I like the pine trees on top because they remind me of Christmas, which is also your birthday. I also like that you included your initials, which makes it more personal, but at the same time the initials are not too obvious and they look more like they are part of the design.

  2. I think that it has a nice ring to it as in it has your initials
    I would add more colour and get more things that explain “you”.
    Weaknesses are that there are not enough colours, the strength is that your design is very unique in its own way. Also, there is only green and black, I would add more complementary colours so it would stand out

  3. I like the choice of colours but I kinda wish you had more light colours. I know how your company is environmentally friendly because of the “nature” like colours and the trees. How else does this logo express you? Passions?

  4. It is very effective and shows a lot about you.
    I would maybe change the orange zig zag line because I’m not quite sure what it’s meant to represents. If it’s meant to represent something, then maybe make that a little more clear.
    Overall, I really like the initials and the signature on the logo.
    Well Done!

  5. I like how it is very clear about how efficient your company is. I think that a change is that it could express more about what your company does, and the zigzag shape into more professional letters. But it look good overall

  6. Commented by Ryan: “Your logo is very strong and quite eye catching, it shows lots of boldness. I might have changed the orange zigzag lines because I don’t think it’s relevant. The strength is that it’s very bold, weakness is the orange zigzag line. Overall though the logo stands out and clearly represents the message you are trying to send.

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