Goal setting

My goal for myself is to finish everything on time, do my Math and writing on time, work on my grammar and know how to well on time management.

I know that I reached what I need to achieve by handing in things in time, stay on task, do well on tests and do more Math and writing.

My goals are reasonable and I will achieve it by doing more Math. I want to do this because I sometimes don’t know how to do the Math and do well on test, so that I can do well in the future. Writing better grammar in writing by reading more books and re-reading my writing so that I stick to the point so that people can understand what I am writing. I also need to stick to the point in writing and do better grammar so that everyone will understand me well.I can do better at work and manage my time well for my activities and not stay off task. I can do my work on time, so that I don’t get left behind and move on to the next question and manage my time better to finish my work on time. I want to do those things because I don’t like being left behind at school because I didn’t do my work on time and I can use these things in the future.

I think that I will reach my goal by the end of this month or the end of this term. I that I will also be a better student and do things on task, so that I will finish my work on time and hand it in.


I think that the experiment was very fun and interesting, I would really want to do it again some time. The experiment I did was glow in the dark jar. The first time I did the experiment with glow sticks, it worked really well and it was very pretty. The second time I do this experiment, I used glow powder and white glue, even though I used glow powder, it didn’t work. I think that it didn’t work because I used white glue and I should use clear glue to make it. If I have time, I would try and use different materials to make this experiment. If I get to more experiments, I will make glow in the dark kinetic sand. I would try to be a risk taker and never give up on my other experiments because I kind of want to give upon my second experiment. I am still wondering that what would happen if I use baking soda in the glow in the dark liquid, will change the colour, texture and will it turn the experiment into something else. The experiment shows that different coloured glue changes the effect of the glow in the dark liquid, even if you put the glow stick’s liquid inside the white glue. I think that the experiment is going to work, because the glue is clear, so that it will show the glow in the dark liquid and the glow powder that I mixed into the glue. here is an image of the ingredients I used:

Last week, it was house spirit day, so we did some very fun activities with our buddies and with our friends. We did some courses with our buddies to help them finish their courses with our own house. I had a lot of fun. In the last two periods, i am in Orca, so me and my Orca friends made some crafts to put on a piece of cloth. In the last period, we play tug-of-war with other houses. I was surprised  that we won the competition. I waited for this to arrive so badly and it finally came and we won too. I am so happy about that because Orcas win very seldom and this only the second time our age in Orca won tug-of-war. I wish that we can do it every day. The trophy was so big that it is bigger than my head.

Now I am talking about my home learning:



    I am writing about my dad because he follows his passion to get to this point. His passion is about laws, being fair and doing the right thing, now he is a barrister. He is folling his passion by choosing to learn the law and being a barrister. His tips are never give up, follow your passion and everything is possible.












    I am going to read different genres everyday to improve my reading. As a reader, I love reading, I think reading is interesting, educational and important. It actually comforts me when I feel frustrated or angry, it can also make me feel less impatient. I think people should read more too because it helps you learn more words, writing skills and many other things. I like the genre of humor, fiction, realistic fiction and fantasy. I have never read horror books. The genre that I will stick to is humor. I think people should read more genres of books, so that we can learn more about different writing skills, history and many other things.

I think that this week’s activities are really fun. I hope I could do it again.

Home Learning

Today, I shared my home learning in my group. I think I did best at Literacy. Here is what I did in literacy.


    Water turns into ice when it reaches its freezing point, the molecules will stop moving and the molecules go tight with each other molecule to make it a solid. Water turns into vapor if it reaches its boiling point, when water reaches its boiling point, it makes the molecules scatter everywhere and those molecules makes up the vapor. Here is a picture of ice, water and vapor molecules: 

I think doing home learning is fun and I get learn more and other things.

Science Experiment Reflection

I did a lot of great and satisfying experiments with my friends. I think these experiments are very fun, but I spilt the whole thing (lava lamp). I get to do it with my friends and our buddies. We also taught our buddies how the experiment works and asked them what you think it will happen with experiment. Our buddies had a lot of fun and they wouldn’t even want to leave.

Here is a photo of me doing the experiment:    This is my work sheet:

Home learning

I don’t have a picture of my house because it is too messy.

I do my home learning on my dinning table. I smell food when I am doing my home learning, it looks bright and clean. I can hear the air conditioner’s sound, it feels cool so I don’t feel hot.

I manage my time when I do home learning. I do my learning bits and bits each day, so that I don’t have to do so much every day or can’t finish it on time. I think doing home learning is kind of fun. I am looking forward on doing more home learning next week.

The End

Reflection 4

If we were to do this fashion design unit again, what would you keep? *
 I will keep my design, my creativity and our team work.
If we were to do this fashion design unit again, what would you change and why? *
I would change my cape’s colour and draw a better look of the cape.