YA Reflection

It was really fun to spend time with the YAs. I liked the pizza for dinner and the show with the YAs. I appreciate how the YAs encouraged me to step in front of the stage to perform and made me feel comfortable to sing in front of them.

Before our show started, the YAs preformed and that performance was great, their singing and dancing are so good, the audience loved it too. They did some cool backflips and tricks to entertain us and two Young Americans held their voice for so long that I can’t even do it.

In this program, to me, it was very tiring, but it was a lot of fun. We get to sing and learn new dance moves. My favourite dance move is the lion king dance, we did it last year too.

At the beginning of YAs, we practiced our first dance which is the opening dance, we practice that with our group first then we go back on stage to practice with every one and this goes on and on, until the final show.

My highlights are getting to have pizza for dinner. The pizza was tastier than the other pizzas I have ever tasted before. When I eat pizza, I usually never eat the crust, but this brand of pizza tastes good and the cheese doesn’t make you full after so that you can eat more and not get too full for the show.

If I  could do this again, I would be a risk-taker and go in front of the stage more often, so that people can see me and try to not be nervous and just sing confidently so that I can sound better. The YAs inspired me to be a risk-taker and just go for what I want to do. I thank the YAs to help me and teach us some new songs and dance moves. I hope they will have a great and safe trip to other places on the world tour.

Here is a picture of me with the YAs dancing and singing:

I’m the one behind the microphone on the second row.




這個假期過得很不孤單,而花了很多時間與我的家人一起。這個假期都過得非常花和舒服。 我沒有拍照,所以我在這個博客是沒有照片的。


STP Reflection

This is my video (just a picture):

    I think that the things that went well was that I said it loud enough to let the whole class hearing without a problem, I said my speech passionately, did what I have to do and did it better than I thought it would be. Next time, I could have walked slower to make it seem like I am really saying it more effectively, look more at the audience, don’t rock that much, don’t forget to change my slides and try to remember what I have to say, so that I don’t need to look at my note cards that much. If I can do it again, I would definitely change my slides. Some strategies are to imagine no one’s here or just go for it and finish the speech and think of way how you can persuade yourself to add more strong persuasive strategies.

    When I was doing my speech, I wasn’t really nervous because I practiced my speech a lot at home. That proves that practice does make a difference. Some challenges are that I have to speak clearly and convince people to take action. I overcame it by imaging that no ones there to listen to me and think of something else.

This is the link if you want to watch it (just copy and paste it):


Last Blog

    This year, I successfully got my proposal approved, finishing my speech, doing a good job in my mini PYPX for the grade twos and some more. I improved on my MAP test I only got one average and the others are highs and high average. I also improved on my persuasive writing skills, for example: Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

    My next steps are writing more logically, not put some useless information, learn more persuasive strategies, how to write good hooks and many more. I need to improved on my Math, for example: showing my work, write more useful information on my writings, don’t write useless things, do better at Math because I always forget to show my work and writing more evidence on my speech to convince people even more.

I’m proud of my MAP test this year because I got good grades, but I can still find some improvements, getting approved on my proposal and stayed on task by doing my speech on time, only containing useful information on my speech and some more. I most enjoyed PE this year because I think that PE is ver/y fun, we get to play basketball, badminton, capture the flag, dodge ball and many more fun games.

I completed my gaols that I set before that I should write with better grammar, do more Math and write better. I completed the goals by writing more often and letting google docs to give me suggestions when I am doing my piece of writing, so that I can have a logical piece of writing and that I can learn more about how to write my piece of writing more. For Math, my mom gave me more Math problems to solve and teaching me more strategies to use. And last for writing better, I can write a piece of writing it with no grammar or spelling errors sometimes, at least some of my writings have no errors. Now, my new goals are to show my work when I am doing Math and try to not any errors in every piece of writing. I hope that I could challenge myself into another level, so that I could be a better person.

My PYPX cover

Today, I made a cover about my passion for PYPX. Here is a picture of it:

    I think that it is very fun to make my PYPX cover because I have never used Canva. This is my first time using Canva, I think that it is very useful and easy to make things on it because I don’t need to find the buttons and you can see the buttons very clearly is Canva. I think that I want to make another poster, but I may not have time to do it. I made my cover for only thirty minutes and it’s done, so Canva makes it easy for you to make anything you want and I spend less time if I use Canva, so I think that is very useful.

    When I started making my cover, I first went on photos and find pictures of the Arctic and animals that live there. Next, I typed some words about my central ideas and written down “Save the Arctic!” and “Save the animals!” on my cover. And last, I edited my cover and made it look prettier,  so that people will like it. I needed three chances to get my cover approved and now my cover is great!

    Mt central ideas is “We can save the Arctic  create less GHG emissions.” It fits WWA by know that we should save the Arctic and it is our responsibility to save it and it is who I am that I am passionate about saving the Arctic.







    當我走下山路時,周圍沒有人陪我走下山,所以我真的很傷心,因為沒有人可以跟我說話,到了地鐵站,我忘了怎麼回家,所以我感覺到很煩惱。在我下山路的 是候,車上有人在嘲笑我,因為似乎我沒有朋友,而且我真的很孤獨,所以我以為他們在欺負我。我感覺得很不好。當我回到家時,媽媽責罵我,因為我這麼晚才回家,所以我對她很生氣,把一支鉛筆折成三折,扔進了垃圾桶。我對她如此生氣的原因是因為那件事情和她告訴我要做很多事情,但是當我首先做一件事時,她告訴我要做另一件事,而她又責罵我,因為我在做她叫我要做的事情。那就是我很生氣的原因。我知道這是浪費優質鉛筆,但破壞它感覺很好!

Proposal Reflection

 I think that I did well on my proposal because I got approved, got a lot more ideas for my proposal and the teacher gave a lot more ideas, so that I can do better in my exhibition.

    I feel really nervous when I am sharing my proposal to the judge, but when I finished my proposal, I feel really good. I learned that you don’t have to be nervous to do your proposal and just feel confident when you are presenting your proposal. The teachers will just ask you something about your topic.

    If I can do it again, I would probably only do two key concepts because the judge told me that there is too much work to do in your exhibition if you have you too many key concepts, I would probably also write down more places and people that can help on my exhibition and also collect more data about the Arctic, for example: how big does the Arctic used to be and compare it to now, compare how many animals that are in Arctic that there are before and now and many more things.

    the process of doing the proposal was that I did the main ideas first then do the others Here is my proposal:

I did this first process:

This my second process:

My third process:

These are my processes.