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This is my HL reflection because this is the fifth week of home learning and I think that after a month we should probably do a reflection so here we are doing a reflection. In my opinion in this week’s home learning I tried really hard to make it look at least aesthetically pleasing which I think I succeeded at, judge for yourself in the pictures at the bottom. For this week I chose typhoons because it’s a subject that being in a place where there are plenty of them I know a lot about typhoons. For this week I also chose the math of matter because I thought that it would be a challenge deciphering math such as one-hundred thousand quadrillion vigintillion and 3*10^25 and it was pretty hard deciphering these numbers but I got there in the end. Finally I chose states of matter and I did this on canva, this was the hardest in terms of trying to make it aesthetically pleasing and not look sloppy but finally I got something that I worked hard and felt like it was done. This is my HL reflection for Week 5 and overall this week I think it’s pretty good, if you want to check out the actual HL check out the pictures  below.

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