G6 December Overview Blog Post

Overall I think that G6 is going pretty well since my exhibition has been going along rather nicely, here is a basic overview of the year so far. Overall in exhibition I think that my main achievements are getting my idea approved and getting my first Lines of Inquiry and Conceptual Questions approved too. However there are also some places that need improvement, I think that I need to use more persuasive strategies (ethos, logos, pathos).

I also think that I need to improve on my other writing styles since I prefer to do stories and persuasive writing which means that the other writing styles such as poetry get mostly ignored. I’m proud about getting my idea approved and using lots of ethos, logos and pathos, I’m also proud of finishing other projects such as the before exhibition project (mazes) and the Visual Arts final project where I used photos of myself and my football things to create a display. Overall plenty of stuff to be proud of.

I think that my goals from September have been fulfilled by now since I now (mostly) listen attentively and my time management is much better now especially compared to the beginning of the year and the beginning of Grade 5. I think that now is the time to make some new goals, My first new goal is to improve the quality of my home learning since I’ve noticed that I often go towards the easier home learning activities and I think I need to challenge myself. My solution to this issue is to start home learning planning on monday instead of waiting for wednesday like I usually do. My second new goal is to improve my division in math since that’s my weakest subject and I feel that I’m falling behind a bit. My solution to this problem is to practice more in class and also practice outside of class in my free time.

Overall I think that I did reasonably well, however I still have some way to go so hopefully I can continue that after the christmas break, goodbye for now.

P.S.November Friday the 13th 2019

PYPX Cover Reflection by Mango

I think that I did well on my cover since I started it on Thursday and finished it on Friday which I think is great since I can now focus on different things and complete different things.

The first thing that I did was to add some photos and make a rough draft which wasn’t too good but laid the baseline of what I would do next. Then I added some new photos and removed the less relevant ones, afterwards I fine tuned the photos then added the text, (around this point I began changing the font to see which was the most visually appealing) and I finished. I think I did well since I chose a font that was visually appealing and chose photos that accurately depicted depression (albeit in a more positive way) and all my photos were related to the subject.

Overall I’m happy at what I did and if I had to do it again I would do the same. There isn’t much left to say so goodbye.

PYPX Proposal Reflection

Last Thursday I did my PYPX Proposal and got approved, Overall I think I did a pretty good job so today I’ll do a reflection on what I did well, How I felt and what I would change next time.

Currently I feel relieved because it gave me a bit of stress and I’m glad that that’s over with. I also feel sort of nervous again because soon enough I will have to start interviewing other people and taking action to try and change people’s thoughts towards depression.

If I could do it again I would change two things. The first change I would fix is going into more detail about how I was going to present my ideas to the general public and how I was going to convince people to empathise with people suffering from depression more often. My solution to this issue which was helpfully suggested by my judge during the proposal was to create pamphlets to hand out to people to try and convince them to empathise with people suffering from depression. The second change that I would fix is not making the mistake of steering closer toward the dark side of depression and less towards the lighter side of depression. What my judge recommended that I do was to steer away from dark topics such as suicide and go toward more light and more positive topics such as how to help build empathy with suffering people.

Overall I think that even though I missed some things I think I did reasonably well and I feel satisfied with the work I did to make the proposal work. I know that there is a long journey ahead but this is a great start and I hope to further build on this topic.



Mango’s 100 Challenge By Mango

Today me and my group(James,Warren,Kaz,Mango) finished our 100 Challenge, now time to explain the game. The aim of the game is to write equations that end up in each number for example 9^2+3 is 84 so we’d write it in no. 84. You got a point for each non-whole number used, each correct equation, each correct square root and finally each exponent. You got half points for each correctly used bracket and you got 8 additional points if everyone in your group spread the work evenly. I think that our 100 Challenge was a success because we spread the work evenly and we had a even spread of easy and hard equations and everyone had a question that fit their level (at least in our group that was true). However I think that some questions are way too hard and can only really be checked by a calculator which is what I’ll work on next time.  

→→→→→→Hyperlink to the doc, only for CDNIS students←←←←←←

My goals for the future by mango

Here are my goals for the future, I think that my two goals are realistic and probably can all be done before Christmas.

My first goal that I want to work on is managing my time better. I think this goal in reasonable because at the moment I rush through home learning every week because I do everything on Thursday which isn’t good because there might be a Chinese test on the day. This is relevant to Grade 6 because when exhibition happens we will have to manage our time extremely well to complete everything and without good time management we won’t be able to do that. I know I have completed my goal when I don’t feel rushed while doing home learning and while revising for any upcoming chinese tests. I will try to complete my goal by Christmas.

My second goal is to listen better in class. I think this goal is reasonable because at the moment I often either daydream or get distracted in class and forget important stuff that I’ll need to remember in the future. I will achieve this by attempting to remove any distractions that may cause me to get distracted, I’ll fix the daydreaming by attempting to focus better while doing everything. This is relevant to Grade 6 because we will have to listen to our teachers a lot in order to learn what we need to learn for exhibition. I know I have completed my goal when I know exactly what I need to do exactly when all the time. I will try to complete my goal by Christmas.

Overall I think that both of my goals can be done by Christmas and hopefully I can make a blog post by christmas, for now adios.

HL Reflection Bloggo Post

This is my HL reflection because this is the fifth week of home learning and I think that after a month we should probably do a reflection so here we are doing a reflection. In my opinion in this week’s home learning I tried really hard to make it look at least aesthetically pleasing which I think I succeeded at, judge for yourself in the pictures at the bottom. For this week I chose typhoons because it’s a subject that being in a place where there are plenty of them I know a lot about typhoons. For this week I also chose the math of matter because I thought that it would be a challenge deciphering math such as one-hundred thousand quadrillion vigintillion and 3*10^25 and it was pretty hard deciphering these numbers but I got there in the end. Finally I chose states of matter and I did this on canva, this was the hardest in terms of trying to make it aesthetically pleasing and not look sloppy but finally I got something that I worked hard and felt like it was done. This is my HL reflection for Week 5 and overall this week I think it’s pretty good, if you want to check out the actual HL check out the pictures  below.

Mango’s Scientific Experiment Reflection

On Wednesday I did a scientific experiment making a homemade lava lamp, it worked much better than I expected. In my opinion I think that I listened pretty well on what we were supposed to and overall everyone did well. However what I think wasn’t so good was that the second time round when we did it with our buddies we rushed through the explaining and just went straight to the experiment which is good and all but the buddies didn’t really get why it happened. We also ended 20 minutes early just because we basically skipped all the steps except for the actual experiment which in my eyes isn’t good. All in all next time I think I should try to slow down my group and explain it better to my buddies.

It’s The First Post Of Grade 6/Pre-Exhibition Project

Hello this is Mango back after a pretty good summer here to talk about my Pre-Exhibition Project that I presented yesterday. My Pre-Exhibition Project was making 12 Pocket Mazes shown below for the people in my sharing group to complete three each(They did more than that but that’s a story for another day), I also made 2 big mazes which I don’t show underneath because the’re too big to show well. It was really hard to make because you have to think of which path should be the correct one, whether or not the difficulty was right but it all worked out in the end with some mazes being harder than others, none of the mazes are impossible and to be honest with you that’s the only thing that I need to know (In Case you were wondering the pocket mazes took 20 minutes each to make and the big mazes took 1 and a half to 2 hours to complete). In short I’m satisfied about what I made and I hope to be able to do this for PYPX but I don’t know since it doesn’t help the world in any way. 

Recap of Grade 5 by Mango

In my opinion Grade, 5 was a pretty good year but like any normal person it’s time to finish off the year and go on holiday so here’s a recap on everything good that happened (my teacher does not wish to put anything bad in here so here goes). So one of the best things was camp because they had a really good outdoor area and great food (not so much with the shower and the tents but now’s not the time to tell that now). The Halloween party started tough but eventually became the best party that would happen all year long (sadly enough no party near the end of the year was better than this one). And those two round up my favourite events that happened during this year, until next time!