Mango’s Scientific Experiment Reflection

On Wednesday I did a scientific experiment making a homemade lava lamp, it worked much better than I expected. In my opinion I think that I listened pretty well on what we were supposed to and overall everyone did well. However what I think wasn’t so good was that the second time round when we did it with our buddies we rushed through the explaining and just went straight to the experiment which is good and all but the buddies didn’t really get why it happened. We also ended 20 minutes early just because we basically skipped all the steps except for the actual experiment which in my eyes isn’t good. All in all next time I think I should try to slow down my group and explain it better to my buddies.

It’s The First Post Of Grade 6/Pre-Exhibition Project

Hello this is Mango back after a pretty good summer here to talk about my Pre-Exhibition Project that I presented yesterday. My Pre-Exhibition Project was making 12 Pocket Mazes shown below for the people in my sharing group to complete three each(They did more than that but that’s a story for another day), I also made 2 big mazes which I don’t show underneath because the’re too big to show well. It was really hard to make because you have to think of which path should be the correct one, whether or not the difficulty was right but it all worked out in the end with some mazes being harder than others, none of the mazes are impossible and to be honest with you that’s the only thing that I need to know (In Case you were wondering the pocket mazes took 20 minutes each to make and the big mazes took 1 and a half to 2 hours to complete). In short I’m satisfied about what I made and I hope to be able to do this for PYPX but I don’t know since it doesn’t help the world in any way. 

Recap of Grade 5 by Mango

In my opinion Grade, 5 was a pretty good year but like any normal person it’s time to finish off the year and go on holiday so here’s a recap on everything good that happened (my teacher does not wish to put anything bad in here so here goes). So one of the best things was camp because they had a really good outdoor area and great food (not so much with the shower and the tents but now’s not the time to tell that now). The Halloween party started tough but eventually became the best party that would happen all year long (sadly enough no party near the end of the year was better than this one). And those two round up my favourite events that happened during this year, until next time!

What’s Been Happening Recently by Mango

In the past few weeks, we’ve been rushing through a new How the World Works Unit, desperate to finish it before the Summer Holidays. We’ve been learning about many different things which I’ll tell you when there’s more space in the next paragraph (This is only the introductory paragraph).

In our new unit, we have learned about whether or not saying good or bad things to polluted water affects it, whether or not plants have feelings, and we also learned how to make an electromagnet (#runonsentence). You make an electromagnet by coiling a wire around a nail and connecting them to a battery in the middle powering the electromagnet. The electromagnet picks things up only if the electric current is on.

Basically, to wrap things up we did a very fast but interesting unit that keeps going at the time of writing, I enjoyed this short unit and have learned a lot.


Mango’s Where We Are in Place and Time Inquiry Reflection

Mango’s Where We Are in Place and Time Inquiry Reflection

I used to think that history was a very narrow and easy subject. Now I know that every time in history there is so much detail that can be talked about and discussed.

My first big takeaways were so much stuff about ancient Egypt that completely changes the history that we thought we knew. This relates to our central idea of ‘People build upon and are influenced by history’. Well ac†ually, I didn’t know a lot about Ancient Egypt. I would change nothing really because I enjoyed this unit (filming the movie was the most fun).


有一天我們的保護蛋活動完成了,我們的老師說我們要做一個海報,一個電影,或者一個行。我做了一份海報,我開始的時候我覺得會很容易,但是後來覺得很難。我沒有贏但是我很開心我做的海報。 我覺得我可以進步的地方是做快一點,因為如果我做快一點我可以完成。下一次我會做快一點,然後會做的更好。

Learning Review Reflection

Last Thursday me and my parents went to school to do a learning review. I felt a bit nervous since it’s not often that all the attention is all on you and no one else and I went quiet numerous times but it was fine after a while. I understood that I needed to be better prepared during book club days and be more active in the discussions, I also understood that I did well on most stuff but I still had to improve in other areas.

I need to improve in being more prepared during book club discussions/sessions, I also need to be more prepared in home learning since I still occasionally forget about home learning and then show up without home learning. I believe (but Mrs Winnie and my parents didn’t talk about it) that I need to improve on knowing where to put my stuff where I can find it easily because it wastes time. At the end of the day I believe that overall the learning reflection was decent.

CMF Charity Challenge


I believe that everyone in our group worked decently well as a group since everyone got everything done on time. Our roles were the following, I did the maze, Emma did the little blurb, Kaia did the birthday card and Nitya did the thank you card. We just agreed that everything had to be finalised by the twelfth and that’s all we agreed on. We tried to make our products more visually appealing so people will like them more. I would like to make by maze more beautiful by trying to make the maze colourful but at the same time not messy which is actually harder than you expect. I agree with the TwoPresents judges because I think we did well on most products. I believe that we did quite well in terms of product design because we planned everything we wanted to do before we did anything.