Project Genesis – Criteria Ci

What is the goal for your assignment? *
The goal fo my assignment is to do a mashup of four popular songs and present my idea through the music. In this project, I’ll add some skills we learned in music class. Through the process of doing this assignment, I hope I’ll gains some new skills and have a deeper understanding to music. Moreover, I hope that my music can sounds different from the original piece of music by creating and adding my own stuff.


Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal. *
firstly, I need to select four songs that I think would be good to mix together, I’ll have to cut them into different pieces such as vocal part, main melody, or accompaniment and select the best part for each and every one. After that, I’ll put them into different tracks and put them together to make a rough draft, the draft doesn’t have to be perfectly fit because I’ll add plug-ins to create different sound affect and loops to help me to get my music better. Thirdly, I’m going to use software instrument if I couldn’t find any suitable loops. At last, I’ll edit them as a whole piece and make more interesting sound effects.


Why this project? *
I chose this project because I never tried to do a song mashup before and I want to experience something new and challenging. In the same time, I’ve always like to hear every kind of music, so I think mixing them together into one piece would be a interesting thing to do and show the skills I learned in music class such as using plugins and loops in GarageBand.


What do you hope to learn? *
I hope to learn how to mix my own piece of music into popular music using software instrument and other skills, also to learn transitions between different style of songs to make them seems like in one piece. Moreover, I want to create my own melody this time and add in autotune, harmony and other new things.


What are you must haves for this assignment? *
1. three minutes max
2. different loops
3. software instrument
4. four songs
5. plug-ins
6. drummer
7. good arrangement of tracks


What are your desirable qualities you hope to add in for your assignment? *
My desirable qualities I hope to add in for my assignment are plug-ins, autotune, software instruments as I mentioned before, and I hope I can create my own main melody. also some fade-in sounds and transition between each sound.

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