culminating assignment-sounds of CDNIS

Describe the process of this assignment.

in this assignment, we’re suppose to collect different sounds in our school including a teachers’ voice. After collecting them, we have to use at least two software instrument using GarageBand and add four or more not melodic loops. I recorded Mr. Es’ voice and found some other sounds which were suitable for accompaniment, but after I cut them into different pieces and put them into GarageBand, I found out some of them had really loud background noises, therefore I used some plug-ins to let them sounds better. after that, I played the piano using software instrument at edited them into sufficient melody. at last, I put in the drum beat and edited them as a whole piece.


Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. *
my CDNIS sounds are the sounds of the hand soap when you get near it, opening the door, the running water, Mr.E speaking, and my software’s sound when I open my computer. some of them were very useful, such as the sound of the hand soap after I edited it. the running water sound was also useful because it was suitable when I put it in the main melody. but other sound like opening the door turns out that it wasn’t very useful. the knocking sound was small and the background noises was loud. therefore I just put it once in the melody.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
for this project, I learnt how to edit different sounds and create different effects such as electronic and echo sound. moreover, to find useful stuff in our daily life and be creative when you’re mixing them. also, I understand that a melody is the most important part of a song, you have to create a good melody first and than put in other stuff. even though in this assignment, I still have a lot of things to improve such as the changes in melody, more sound effect and loops, but I also gain several new skills and experienced how to mix different sound.


What challenges did you face and overcome? *
one of the many challenges I faced was I recorded many unnecessary CDNIS sound, so when I added them in my melody, it sounds really weird. therefore I decided to recorded other sound. another problem is that I couldn’t play a satisfying melody, but at last I asked for help from my classmate and they gave me some ideas.

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