Performing Arts Blues Projects Reflection

In Performing Arts we studied the Blues, after several weeks of exploration, we wrote our own Blues. The Blues is a style of music that tells stories and express emotions. Other characteristics include noodling, playing chords, writing lyrics and performing.

Hilary_Kaitlyn     (worksheet)

It went well, we finished writing the lyrics because we thought really hard to make rhyming words into sentences that makes sense. I think we could have improved our lyrics because some of the sentences don’t really make sense. If I was to do it again, I would improve the lyrics and be there to make the video. I used two ATL skills, they were: time management and respecting each other. We used time management because we finished in time and we respected each other because we respected each others’ ideas. We thought of rhyming words and made them into sentences that connects to waking up in the morning. I think the most challenging part is thinking of the chords. I think the creative choices we made is writing the story/ lyrics.

Our Blues told a story about me waking up in the morning and what I did, it also expressed tough emotions because my toy Meaty had to be washed.

I enjoyed this project because thinking of the lyrics is fun.

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