Guessing game

In this game you need to guess the secret colour which is purple. You would have 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 chances. If you guessed it right it would say good job, if you guessed it wrong it would say wrong.

Performing Arts Blues Projects Reflection

In Performing Arts we studied the Blues, after several weeks of exploration, we wrote our own Blues. The Blues is a style of music that tells stories and express emotions. Other characteristics include noodling, playing chords, writing lyrics and performing.

Hilary_Kaitlyn     (worksheet)

It went well, we finished writing the lyrics because we thought really hard to make rhyming words into sentences that makes sense. I think we could have improved our lyrics because some of the sentences don’t really make sense. If I was to do it again, I would improve the lyrics and be there to make the video. I used two ATL skills, they were: time management and respecting each other. We used time management because we finished in time and we respected each other because we respected each others’ ideas. We thought of rhyming words and made them into sentences that connects to waking up in the morning. I think the most challenging part is thinking of the chords. I think the creative choices we made is writing the story/ lyrics.

Our Blues told a story about me waking up in the morning and what I did, it also expressed tough emotions because my toy Meaty had to be washed.

I enjoyed this project because thinking of the lyrics is fun.


In our class, we needed to make a table with my height and me times 10, times 100, times 1000, divided by 10, divided by 100 and divided by 1000. It was really fun and hard trying to find the things that is the height we calculated. One of the things I found was me divided by 1000 would be the size of a tip of a pencil and it was really hard to find a picture with the tip of a pencil, so I had to crop out the tip of a pencil from a picture.

Explanatory Writing

I wrote an explanatory writing for language about the experiment we did in class. We had to write steps, ingredients, hypothesis and conclusion. I did an experiment where I had to pour supercooled water onto ice and it was supposed to form an ice structure. It didn’t work at school, but I did it at home and it worked. I think it didn’t work at school because when I brought the water to school, it got too hot and it didn’t work.

I wrote my hypothesis, then made a diagram to show what I think would happen if I poured the hot water and supercooled water. I wrote what I saw when I was doing my experiments. And I wrote a conclusion and wrote what happened and what would I do better if I had to do the experiment next time.

SMART goals

My goal is to manage my time better. I will know that i have achieved my goal when I didn’t have to rush and finish my work on Thursday night. I can achieve my goal because I can plan everything I need to do in the beginning of the week and finish my work on the days I planned. It is reasonable because I can achieve it. My goal is relevant to Grade 6 because there is more work in Grade 6, so if I can manage my time better, I can finish my work in time and still have time to play. I think I would reach my goal by January. 

My goal is to read more books. I will know I have reached my goal when I read 40 books for the 40 books challenge. I can achieve my goal because now I have been reading more for the 40 books challenge. My goal is relevant to Grade 6 because our class has the 40 books challenge. I think I would reach my goal by January.


Goal Setting

This year, there are some goals I want to achieve. I want to manage my time better because if I don’t plan what I want to do, I would need to finish up my work last-minute. I want to achieve it by planning what I want to accomplish every week on Sunday, if I followed the plan, then I would not need to rush to finish my work last-minute.

I also want to read more books since our class has to do the 40 books challenge and also I am too lazy to read books, so I want to achieve this goal by reading 1-2 books a week.

I wish could achieve these goals because I won’t need to rush to finish my work last minute and I will learn more words





Highlights of G5 :(

My favorite highlight of grade 5 is the G5 camp. We got to do some climbing activities, kayaking, hiking, and playing games. My partner and I didn’t go to the top of Jacob’s ladder,  but we all had a lot of fun. On the kayak, my partner and I always go faster than the instructor and we play some games with other group members. In the hike, we went an easier way and we played games to get our instructor’s fig bar because we were very hungry, one of the games I like is trying to build the tallest tower with rocks. 

I am very excited to go to the G6 camp because I heard that we will go for 4 days and 3 nights and that is the first time I left home for 4 days without my parents. And I heard there will be a base camp and our group will stay at base camp for 1 night and 2 days at another place and sleep in a tent and we would have to jump off a jetty that is 8 metres tall, so I am so excited! 🙂

How the World Works Reflection

In How the World Works, we did lots of experiments. We learnt about atoms and read a book about an electron named Eddie. We also learnt app coding, static electricity, making our own electromagnets, hand crank generator, circuits, how our words could affect plants and making and reading observations.

My favourite activity was making electromagnets. First, we had to use a wire stripper to cut the rubber coating at the end of the wire. Then, we have to twirl the wire around the nail and connect the end to a battery and hold onto it with your fingers. When the wire gets hot, you have to let go or else, you will burn your finger.

We tried to make a pair of nonmagnetic scissors “magnetic” with wires and a magnet. We wrapped wire to scissors and connected the end with magnets. It worked, but sometimes the magnetic things we pick up just get attracted to the magnet instead of the scissors.

WWAPT Reflection

Where We Are in Place and Time Reflection


My favorite thing about inquiry this unit was our group inquiry because it was so fun. We made videos and they were very funny and we got to work in groups. I like to work in groups because we can research information and make the video together, sometimes when we are filming, some people will say the wrong things and it will end up really funny. We included bloopers at the end of our video to show our audience.


If I got to change something, I would want to change the personal inquiry into partner inquiry because I like working with a partner and I feel more comfortable working with a partner.


The most interesting thing I learned was Vikings never had horns on their helmets and they invented skis because I love skiing. In pictures, the Vikings had horns on their helmets and it isn’t accurate. I learned this when I was researching for my personal inquiry.