Energy Sharing-reflection

I had an Energy Sharing project where we have to share an energy source with 3rd graders and I would get feedback from them. I made a topic on what I would like to call LEG POWER KINETIC ENERGY energy energy… so what is supposed to do is to collect the kinetic energy and then turn it into electrical energy here is a picture of me in action! As you can see, I am presenting to 3rd graders and I believe I did a pretty good job at presenting, I got 8 people! Matthew on the other hand only got three people😢. I like to speak to random people of the public (cough cough unlike the 75% of other people that are afraid of public speaking cough cough) I kinda felt bad for the people that were listening to Matthew, so boring, I am just kidding Matthew I don’t mean it!

I got my feedback and most of the kids said that I did very well! they said things like a nice loud voice and really clear and I had a lot of detail in my infographic, I feel more confident about explaining what I know and it really opens my eyes (Not like they were already) I think this improved my knowledge of energy and energy transformation.

Exhibition-So Far So Good

I can’t believe it exhibition is right around the corner and I have done so much, experienced so much throughout the months I have been in this school and I love it. I have met so many people here and there have been so many changes throughout my months here.

So far in the exhibition, I have been doing very well and so have my cohort, we have had so much to do and it is all so fun. the only thing I am struggling with is my action which is to interview the people of the public on their thoughts on light pollution, mostly because not everyone in HK speaks English so basically to them I am speaking gibberish, I don’t know what to do about that. I don’t have to do that much to finish off my exhibition research then I can make my final product. you know when I first started this exhibition project I had no idea what was going on and I just went with it and look where we ended up… great place.

I believe that  I know many advanced words like (google searches advanced words and copy and pastes it) aberration which I totally just thought of and did not google search “advanced words” You know when I moved to this school I wanted to be funny and meet people that have similar personalities and that is how I stumbled across Matthew, which is now one of my closest friends.

Nicolas-option A, B

I thought of a different type of energy source that I believe is sustainable. You know how nowadays people want to exercise and want to get fit and healthy, well all the energy of you running on a treadmill or lifting waits is wasted as in it is not turned into electrical energy that can power things, that is why I made up a type of source of when you put on a certain type of pants that our company made and run, the kinetic energy from your legs running is turned into electrical energy that we can use to power things like a light bulb. However, doesn’t the treadmill need electricity? Yes and that is why the energy will directly put into the treadmill to power it and it goes in a cycle on and on.

I also thought that you could not only get this from the gym but also for yourself, you can buy one for yourself and donate that energy to a warehouse so that people can use the energy that you donated to good use and so that I here can type this.

Expert talk reflection

After the expert talk, I think that I did pretty well consider that I got approved. I had a conversation with 6C and 6D, everyone who came really liked my presentation and that’s how I got approved. When we did the expert talk I explained my three lines of inquiry and what they are about. I would say it went very smoothly and I was prepared enough that my grade mates were very impressed. I think that I am on the right track in my exhibition, all I need to do is finish is interviews and meeting with experts.




What is Energy?

   When people ask this question they expect an answer like “it is electricity” but yes and no. energy is everything it is how we hear, feel and move.

   The first thing I want to talk about is energy transformation, you like transformers don’t you? Well this is similar, the most simple answer would be Potential energy into Kinetic energy, for an example if I tie a rope to a bowling ball and pull it up the ball has Potential energy in it , when you let it go, it swings and turns into Kinetic energy, Kinetic energy is basically the energy of movement like when we walk and jump we are using Kinetic energy. Energy can also be transformed in a cycle, the sun has energy in it than it will give energy to the plants grow which grow food that we eat and gain energy that will give us energy to do other things we do.

   We don’t use energy very efficiently, we are using environmentally friendly resources like coal and oil when we should be using clean energy like solar panels, wind energy and hydro power.

Ignite talk

I think that the ignite talk really helped my persuasive skills, because I learned how to use this persuasive skill. I chose poverty because it is a very common issue that is really severe.

A lot of my time was spent on preparing it. When I was speaking I was really anxious although there was nobody there, I did not want to mess anything up, and that is exactly what I did. The first mistake I made was that I was not making eye contact I was to busy reading instead of actually looking at the camera. I did not use any body language either, was one of the requirements that was in the checklist too. The thing I was most annoyed about was the sound, there were so many people talking during the talk and it was really hard to hear myself talk as well.

the Ignite talk was very interesting, it had a lot of requirements to meat and I did not do that well, I really need to do better the next time I have a speech like this, I need to. be more confident in my speaking.

Here is a link to my video: 20190304_091940.jpg

Math For Me Right Now

Math, most people would say is really boring and useless, but I think that math is also really boring and useless, SLAP! Okay useful and fu…(vomits, and barfs) fun, hoah! Yeah just kidding I like math and it is sometimes frustrating but once you know how to do it it’s relatively easy (I hope).

For me now, math is nice. I am learning about Decimals and Ratios. I have no problem with Decimals, but Ratios, RAAAAAAAAAHH! (slams table, glass and wood breaks) sorry about that. Anyway what I think Ratios are just around 2-3 numbers being multiplied and divided by the same number but it takes so long to calculate. I hope to adapt faster and over all get better in Mathematics.