New Year 2019 What To Do

well, 2019 is hear and it’s the 2nd term of school, I wonder what I should change/improve about myself. The new years is a great part of the year because it’s an excuse for people that were terrible in the past year to make a resolution and “improve myself” I say “improve myself” because google claims that only 8% of people actually keep their resolutions and they don’t last very long as in they give up in a few weeks and i’m one of that 8% ha! just kidding i don’t make resolutions very often (well technically now I have to do it because it’s part of school work and how I can improve myself and I am not complaining)

I have made resolutions to myself that I have to (someone slaps me in the face) fine, want to do and improve. One of which is improving my spellin (yes I did do that mistake purposely) Wow i’m using a lot of brackets, the next ting that I want to improve is my tennis, I enjoy tennis very much, I like improving my skills in tennis too (sense of achievement), I also want to improve on my math I don’t really get things correct on the new things that I learn so I want to adapt to new math easier.

in conclusion their are many ways you can improve yourself and you don’t always need to do it on a new year you can change yourself for the good right now, and don’t worry you are not going to be perfect for an entire year if you fail a day just turn around and keep going and you will be a better you then you could think.