Exhibition in 7 days reflection

The exhibition is in almost a week and I need to do a reflection on it because I have heard so far in CDNIS is that it is all about reflections and reflecting on everything that we do, so here it is, the BIG reflection for the exhibition.

So far in the exhibition, I have been doing well and I think that I have everything all set and I am ready to present with my good friend Matthew (who is doing Noise Pollution) I have a good feeling about this, mostly because I have everything I need to do the exhibition. I have gone through so many great things during the exhibition and I hope for the best (literally all I wrote 118 words and I don’t really know what to write so I am going to do)

My knaulage on light pollution so far

   After months and months of research and discovery, I believe I know a fair bit about light pollution and I believe I am now an expert! I will explain light pollution in as long of a draft as possible.

   Light pollution is very different from other types of pollution, unlike air or sea pollution, light pollution is reversible and we can do something to reduce it, it is not permanent.

   Light pollution is a type of pollution that can harm you in secret and not many people know about it and we are all unknowingly contributing to it. Light pollution can have many harmful in many ways, and I am going to talk about those ways today.

   The first and most harmful way is your mental health, light pollution can cause high amounts of stress as you cannot sleep and are always drowsy or tired, this can also mess up your sleeping habits, and that leads to the second reason why Light pollution is so harmful, light pollution can really mess up your sleep as it can actually go through the smallest cracks in curtains and it will keep you awake.

     I think that Light pollution is a very serious not many people appreciate the beauty of lights in the city but the people that are taking action are smart like me(yeah just kidding I am stupid as heck) 

Exhibition-So Far So Good

I can’t believe it exhibition is right around the corner and I have done so much, experienced so much throughout the months I have been in this school and I love it. I have met so many people here and there have been so many changes throughout my months here.

So far in the exhibition, I have been doing very well and so have my cohort, we have had so much to do and it is all so fun. the only thing I am struggling with is my action which is to interview the people of the public on their thoughts on light pollution, mostly because not everyone in HK speaks English so basically to them I am speaking gibberish, I don’t know what to do about that. I don’t have to do that much to finish off my exhibition research then I can make my final product. you know when I first started this exhibition project I had no idea what was going on and I just went with it and look where we ended up… great place.

I believe that  I know many advanced words like (google searches advanced words and copy and pastes it) aberration which I totally just thought of and did not google search “advanced words” You know when I moved to this school I wanted to be funny and meet people that have similar personalities and that is how I stumbled across Matthew, which is now one of my closest friends.

Process of judging

On Wednesday it’s going to be my turn to do my exhibition proposal I am prepared but the feeling of pressure does not just go away, oh wait now i am calm because i am more sure…..NOPE! DEFIANTLY NOT CALM!

I thought that i would do well, well that is what i thought until I got my results back it says ‘needs work’ the teacher that was very nice she gave me some compliments  like good main idea and that i had a lot of ideas. The only reason I think I did not get ‘approved’ is because i had to narrow it down i had to many ideas. Meanwhile i am sitting in my chair typing this thinking that all my friends got ‘approved’ but did not do any research at all and i am furious and punching him at the same time i am writing this, Matthew is typing on his blog and that i am “pissed and punching him while writing on my blog” yeah.

I think the next time I do it I will be more successful so I will work as hard as i can.