My instrement choice

My favorite flute player is Elisabeth Wentland she is really good and she always plays a nice melody and she is one of the only flute players I know, the other one is my flute teacher Nelson.

I have already learned the flute for around half a year and I know the simple things like notes and the beats/counts, and I really enjoy it. I will still explain how to play, clean it and put it together

For cleaning the flute usually, there is a piece of cloth and a stick-like thing that you use, all you need to do is put the corner part of the cloth put it through the hole in the stick and then wrap the cloth around it and put it through the parts of the flute, and to clean the outside there is another cloth that you use to clean and it is usually blue

For playing it will explain in the book and you will learn it, for B you press the top 2 buttons

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