Exhibition is over!!!

well as you can tell from the title Exhibition is over! so much work had been put into this and it is just done, it’s finished! I feel so FREE! woohoo!!! Sorry I get a little carried away doing that, so anyway, I believe that the exhibition was a good experience and I had a lot of fun doing it, there were some rude and nice and I can tell that a lot of people liked it, most of my classmates liked it cuz we did not have Chinese and we were in the library for most of the day.

in case you didn’t know my topic is light pollution and I loved it, I had a lot of people that came and I really enjoyed it. to be honest I don’t really want to do these reflections and just not think about the exhibition because it makes me want to break something so yeah (CRASH!) yeah I just broke my glass cup so I am probably going to have to end things as soon as I can but I don’t really want to leave you all hanging (although) I need to stop so I don’t break anything else so ya byeeeeeeeee!

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