My knaulage on light pollution so far

   After months and months of research and discovery, I believe I know a fair bit about light pollution and I believe I am now an expert! I will explain light pollution in as long of a draft as possible.

   Light pollution is very different from other types of pollution, unlike air or sea pollution, light pollution is reversible and we can do something to reduce it, it is not permanent.

   Light pollution is a type of pollution that can harm you in secret and not many people know about it and we are all unknowingly contributing to it. Light pollution can have many harmful in many ways, and I am going to talk about those ways today.

   The first and most harmful way is your mental health, light pollution can cause high amounts of stress as you cannot sleep and are always drowsy or tired, this can also mess up your sleeping habits, and that leads to the second reason why Light pollution is so harmful, light pollution can really mess up your sleep as it can actually go through the smallest cracks in curtains and it will keep you awake.

     I think that Light pollution is a very serious not many people appreciate the beauty of lights in the city but the people that are taking action are smart like me(yeah just kidding I am stupid as heck) 

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