Energy Sharing-reflection

I had an Energy Sharing project where we have to share an energy source with 3rd graders and I would get feedback from them. I made a topic on what I would like to call LEG POWER KINETIC ENERGY energy energy… so what is supposed to do is to collect the kinetic energy and then turn it into electrical energy here is a picture of me in action! As you can see, I am presenting to 3rd graders and I believe I did a pretty good job at presenting, I got 8 people! Matthew on the other hand only got three people😢. I like to speak to random people of the public (cough cough unlike the 75% of other people that are afraid of public speaking cough cough) I kinda felt bad for the people that were listening to Matthew, so boring, I am just kidding Matthew I don’t mean it!

I got my feedback and most of the kids said that I did very well! they said things like a nice loud voice and really clear and I had a lot of detail in my infographic, I feel more confident about explaining what I know and it really opens my eyes (Not like they were already) I think this improved my knowledge of energy and energy transformation.

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