Design: Logo design


-What does my logo make you think about?
-What are three things you like about my logo?
-What would you change about my logo?


6 thoughts on “Design: Logo design”

  1. Sorry Elizabeth rudely posted my comment when I wasn’t done.
    As I was saying, I think the colour scheme needs more work mainly because it just simply doesn’t stand out. I also don’t think grey represents you as a person. Something more like orange or red would fit you better. Other than that, it’s looking pretty good.

  2. I like how you decided to have a more abstract shape other than a stable one because it makes it more memorable. I see how this logo represents you as a person because we all know that you are an absolute monster when it comes to badminton and I hope I never face you 🙂 I really like what you did with your initials. As for your colour scheme

  3. 1. I really like the aesthetics around J and T because it really adds emotions/ Power to your logo

    2. I like the font of the letters, the thunder bolts around it and the highlight of the letters.

    3. I would add a background to your logo because it seems a bit boring, I would also make the shuttlecock more symmetrical and the brick wall in the J seems a bit out of place.

  4. When i first see your logo I instinctively think of badminton and strength.
    3 things I like:
    I like how abstract it is, you didn’t stick to using contemporary letters which completes the whole vibe your going for
    I also like the yellow lines i don’t know what to call them because they show power and strenghth.
    I think you could improve the J, separating the letter just doesn’t look right.
    Good job! 😀

  5. The logo makes me think about sports.

    I like how you added details, the shading is also really nice and I like the colour use.

    Maybe take away the little C thing at the bottom cuz I don’t know what that is but besides these things, everything is really nice.

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