my music form.

I taught me how I can create a creative mash-up with a pop song which is very useable when it is my turn to create mash-up, this is because most of the song my choice for this music piece has some sort of pop element, so this will be very beneficial to me. but this link mostly taught about all the basic rules, and ways to create a mash-up and to\also gave me a standard form of proper mashup.

This allows me to use some of the more extra knowledge about Garageband when it comes to mashing up. this video taught me how I can make a better transition with different music pieces, how to bring everything into a pack, into a smoother music piece. in addition, it also taught me some more tools in the GarageBand that will benefit my music piece with a better sound effect. it taught me about the steps of creating a proper mash-up which gives me a model on how to create a good mash-up.

This link mostly taught me how I could change with the volume levels, how I could keep the whole music piece intact and will not make the music piece fall into pieces. and cutting off quiet endings so the mix can be blended well. majorly, I will make mixes that combine songs together or just bits and pieces of songs to at least keep the majority part of my music sound like a whole.

Even though in this link, it only taught how to mix the music itself well, it also taught me one important point that is always keep it clean and neat, don[t try to add too much sound effect on it because it is going to sound messy and hard to keep track of the main theme often whole music piece. so I did get rid of the extra sound effect and plugins, and not overlapping tracks.


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