My music form.

The goal for my assignment is creating a mash-up from the song from the 90s. and to create my music piece in an efficient way and to make sure the final piece will be neat and clean, and to also make sure that I have all the specification in my music piece. I choose this because I think there are some very beautiful melodies out there especially form the 90s music and it would be a shame for me if I don’t combine them or blend them into one and create something pleasant. My first step is to start finding idea for my main track, and see what genre of music I would want to make, and after deciding it, I will start to see which note matches which one and which part should be cut out, then, I will start editing the vocal and see which vocal will ends when, finally, I will edit the little rough part of the whole music and see how it goes. I hope to learn the skill of blending music, The skill of precise editing, the skill of knowing how to make the transition of the music smooth enough to make a better sound effect. I will also want to know different tools in the GarageBand that can assist me during this whole assignment. I will uses criteria C to show access to the success of my work. I will make sure I got good Timing when I am doing my task. I will also follow the appropriate guidelines for the specific assignment which was shown in the proposal. the suggestion and rules will also be on my important list. I will definitely show my music which will have an equal part of different melody and vocal, not having any bias toward any of it. That is how I will show my work through criteria.

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