Prompt1, nature appears everywhere on earth, they affect the environment, and people every second. for example, the tornado is one of the samples, It destroys the place, it kills people, and make the people feel sad for the people that are being killed, and the people will start developing, and think of a plan or w3ays to defend the tornado.

Prompt2, I got to know the connection and interaction between human and nature by different design and experiments in the science lab. for example. in the experiment where learning how different parts of structure interact with the others gives me the thinking of everything in my life, I will think the connection and interaction between things such as how the client effect how stable the structure can be when I looked at a random structure on street.

Prompt3, I learned how to cooperative with my partner in a better way, I learned how different part of the structure affects the whole structure, learned how to build a structure that can survive in fan’s level 4, different types of bridge like the beam, learned different chemical like sodium bicarbonate,  hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride, and carbon dioxide, learned how chemistry experiment works, learned what should be aware during an experiment, learned how structure works in reality. The experiment I did in science class is basically a chemistry experiment, structure experiment, bridge experience, Sodium Bicarbonate + HCl Complete Lab Report.

Prompt4, after days being in science, I did improve in a different way as a learner, how I identified problems are by what I’m trying to ask, and the question I wrote, I have to read it myself as a reader that I can understand what I’m saying. I manage my time by planning when to end and calculate my time. the way I collect my data and information is by collecting my idea, with my previous knowledge about it, and then I will go find relative information about the thing is need to research. I can also solve the question by knowing the meaning of the question, understand it, and start writing the answer, after writing the answer, I will usually check the answer for few times to make sure that’s the best version of it. I think that’s basically how I improved as a learner.

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