The Giver reflection


what are some unique elements of a dystopian novel?

Usually, in a dystopian novel, where everything’s normal, then there will always be one person or one thing in the book that’s outstanding that they’re about to do something big enough to make the whole story fun. that’s basically why the major differences between the dystopian and the main character that makes the story more fun.

During the giver unit in English class, we learned and wrote quite a lot about the giver and got to know more deeply about the giver. as I finished reading the Giver, changes happened to me, for example, I feel appreciate to have a parent that has real emotion that can say ” I love you” and their are my real parent, so I feel thankful and happy about that, that I’m not living in a family where parent ‘s emotionless and only being the person that “adapt” you instead of “love” you. I also find that Jonas is a very brave and smart kid that he has the courage to run away from the community with only himself and a baby and knowing to send the snow message to Gabe and himself so the heat detector won’t find him. at the last point. when he felt unmoveable, he knows that to use the snow… and slid down will be easier and he has the responsibility for that risk. that’s something I should learn and always be a risk taker. In addition, I feel really appreciated about me living in a life where no one’s being controlled or not knowing my real parent or even living in a community where the adult are emotionless and not having any colour or feelings.

I have been discussing and learning about pee paragraph recently in Ms. Nielson class. even after many time of writing pee paragraph, I still have a lot to improve my pee paragraph. the best way for me to improve is to keep practice, I need to always remind myself to practice writing pee paragraph. practice makes perfect. In order to write a better pee paragraph, I need to keep practice.

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