The impact walk – Washington

There is this huge impression during the impact walk, which is the background story of a homeless woman, the story was basically about when she was young, her parent died at the same time, after that she becomes an orphan with no cousin and friends, and she didn’t wen to school because no one will willing to pay her tuition dollars, so she became homeless when she ‘s an adult. after that, she started to have mental issues so that shocked me when I heard this story of that poor lady, and we were asked not to give her anything only a goodbye so that was the part that kind of impressed me.

I learned quite a lot of thing from the impact walk, I learned that we should feel really appreciate the life we have, we’re not born in a poor family, we are not disability whether we were born or cause by something, we don’t have any mental issues. we are really lucky to have this sort of life. secondly, we learne that many people, not just Hong Kong but the world that there are many people that need help, we should put out our hands and help them.

there was a part that was quite challenging during the impact walk, which is that we have to be prepared anytime to give them the food or water, and some of the food is easy to get rotten, crushed or be smelly so that the homeless are not willing to accept the gift,m the second part is that the homeless are easy to get scared so we have to smile and said in a gentle way and try not to scared them away cause there’s a bunch of perople in the group so if happens very sudden that might frightened them.


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