ukulele my choice

This is my assignment:

The differences of the original song and the song that I had recorded is first, I used the different instrument from the original song, I replaced the piano with a ukulele to the main music this is because ukulele has a different sound than the piano, it expresses different feeling by different way than piano. Secondly, there is more background music (sound) than the original one, for example, I add the drumming in the background for the project and it sounds a little more dramatic and energetic than the original one, the original one is totally different from mine cause it only have piano for the background, which is very simple in comparison to my version of imagine. (the song’s name) the similarities are the basically the lyrics, this is because I sing exactly the same as the original, My singing is based on the song, I also have the same melody and rhyme, even though I used a different instrument to play the song but it sounds almost the same, the melody in mine is the same as the original. This is the differences and the similarities of my “Imagine” and the original “Imagine”.

Music class helps me by letting me practice a lot and teaching me how to handle the forms in the garage band, I learned quite a lot of things, such as the editing, how to add drumming, the time management, drum track input. I learned time management by knowing the beat and counting the time on Garageband. I learned accountability by knowing the time when it is due, which is kind of connected to independent learning, I can not rely on others so I will start getting familiar with all the function in Garageband. be responsible for the assignment and always be aware of time management, this is because of time management can also be using time wisely on the assignment.
I think the most crucial is the practice, I practice a lot in mine home so as in school, practice makes perfect, If I don’t practice that much, I won’t be able to sing or play, practice makes what I am today. It gives me a strong base for the assignment. This is how music class help me to prepare the assignment.

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