Making of me video

    Making of Me Reflection: Washington


Use some of the prompts below to reflect on the process of organizing and creating your Making of Me video.  Remember to be reflective rather than simply retell what you did.


         – Which part of the assignment did you do well?


      – What could you have done better

I could have done better on the editing, this is because there isn’t much editing on the video, so it makes the video not attractive enough, and I would also want to add some editing on the beginning cause the hook is one of the most important parts of a video.

      – Which part of the project was the most difficult?

      – What would you do differently if you did the project again?

If I could do something differently, I would change the script a little and the edit, cause the edit and the script is still a little weak.

      – What have you learned from this project? (3 things)

I learned how to record. Cause before this assignment, I don’t even know how to record.

I learned how to edit. After the video, my editing skill improved.

I learned about myself cause I’m able to search deep inside myself, cause I will start thinking about myself for this assignment and will find a little clear about my identity.

      – What have you learned about the way you work from this project?

Well, I learned that when you do something, always do it in a proper organized sequence,  cause that makes you feel clear about where you at, or else, it might be a mess.

         –What is the funniest part of this assignment?

What I think the best part of this assignment is the editing. Cause I’m able to find learned new things, it’s fun to edit because you can make something funny with the editing and find something feels happy about that you learned things from it.


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